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Good linera algebra books for beginners

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    Dear all,
    I hope this is the right forum for such a question. Could you please give some references on book on linear algebra for absolute beginners (student with not a lot of math background).
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    "Linear Algebra Demystified" by David McMahon. This book avoids abstract vector spaces and linear maps for the first few chapters, and instead teaches you the concrete computational side of linear algebra first.
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    I think the right forum is "science education" → "academic guidance" → "science book discussion".

    I prefer the more abstract approach myself (e.g. Sheldon Axler: Linear algebra done right), but maybe that's because I know this stuff already. If you search for "linear algebra" at amazon.com, there are other books that have been given higher grades by the readers, so maybe you'd prefer one of them.
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