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Good sources for the 2007 Australian Federal Election

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    I'm doing some research on the 2007 Australian Federal Election. I seriously can't seem to find alot of the things. I would appreciate it if anyone was to provide me any information and/or references. Or even anything else you have in mind.
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    What kind of information are you looking for? Academic papers or just news articles from the time? Obviously academic stuff will be a lot harder to come by.

    A few sites that might help you are:
    http://www.crikey.com.au/topic/election-2007/ (Australia's best independent news site)
    http://blogs.crikey.com.au/pollytics/2007/05/ (A very good politics blog run by PHd Political scientist. If you go through the archives for 2007 you should find a lot of interesting posts. He also has links to other prominent Australian political blogs. I'm assuming you're not Australian?)

    Let me know if they help and I might be able to think of some more.
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    Both types would be nice. Thanks for these sites, excellent sources, privyet. Can you also post the links of the other prominent blogs that you mentioned?

    I am actually am Australian :D The project is past, so now I seek for pleasure. Are you Australian?
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