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Grafts used in Coronary Bypass surgery.

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    Previously graft for coronary artery bypass was great saphenous vein (GSV) still being used,but now Internal mammary artery(IMA) is the graft of choice.
    Because IMA doesn't atherosclerose at alland all the vessels of upper limb, and its life is upto 10years.
    I need to put up query why it is that it doesn't atherosclerose, is it due to anything related to perfusion or it possess any mechanism to avoid it which these large arteries such as aorta , coronary doesn't ?
    When used as a graft it shows tendency to atherosclerose (as its life expectancy is 10 years), keeping in mind the major risk factors for atherosclerosis present.
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    Is this a homework or coursework question?
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    I replied in the previous thread of mine.
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