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Gravity and Gas Pressure on an Accelerating Object

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    I know talking about faster than light speed travel is taboo on forums like this but the questions I have are these:

    Particle with Mass

    When an object travels faster and faster towards the speed of light and particles with mass are attracted to the object at a faster rate because of the velocity of the object and the area of space that the object is occupying and the mass of the object increases because of the attraction between the particles with mass and the object itself is it possible to repel some of the particles with mass that would add the most mass to the object thus causing it too use less fuel due to the decreased amount of mass that the engine must burn through?

    Gas Pressure

    I read in article, link provided if necessary, that the gas pressure of the Universe is almost zero. When traveling faster and faster towards the speed of light would the gas pressure upon an object increase volumetrically, I think that's the word, to create a gas pressure that would increase the need to increase the velocity of the ship and is it possible to repel the gas particles?
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    Could you...maybe edit your grammar to make your post readable? That first sentence is one long long long run on sentence, and I have no idea what you're asking.
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    I'm sorry, but since multiple people (including several moderators and a science advisor) are having trouble even understanding what you are asking, I'm going to close this thread. Please try to form a clear, concise question and use better grammar if possible.
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