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Gravity and universe expansion could be caused by the same thing.

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    I've played with this idea for a while now so i thought it would be good to see what others think of it, this is just based off what i know being interested in science and questions on the nature of reality, im no scientist or anything so please by nice, i just like to think about this sort of stuff in my free time so can't back it up with maths or anything too technical, anyway here goes...

    The idea came while thinking about gravity and space, i remember reading that virtual particles pop in and out of existence throughout space, that space contains all sorts of stuff in the vacuum kind of bubbling away, what if gravity and the expansion of the universe are caused by the same thing, these fluctuations in space?

    I imagine that where a particle exists these fluctuations can't, so something like an atom will be a stable or low point in space where theres a kind of hole to these fluctuations, as things tend to find balance these points become like attractors to each other, think a bit like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymatics" [Broken]), i believe space acts the same way, the only difference is that these points of stability can freely move being planets and the like, so we get gravity on the small scales like the distances between objects on earth, in the solar system or the galaxy, over universal distances the points between objects become more vast and uniform so it appears to act the opposite way from gravity and pushes things apart.

    Hope it makes some sense even if the idea is far fetched. :smile:
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    No personal theories, please. That's in the PF rules.
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