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Greetings from a layman in physics with some wild ideas need proving. What to do?

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    My name is Henry Young and I am a layman in physics. But I have some really wild ideas about cosmology that need proving. Maybe I can get someone to prove them for me. For example, I think the universe actually started by .....
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    Welcome to the PF.

    I'd suggest that you improve your physics knowledge before trying to come up with theories of your own. There is so much great stuff in mainstream science to learn and understand. Once you get a better footing, you will be able to dismiss many of your own "wild ideas" quickly, without wasting a lot of time on them. Instead, learn real science well, and then look for ways that you can contribute.

    The PF is a great place to learn about mainstream science. It is not a place where wild ideas are discussed. :-)
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