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Homework Help: Gret if sum1 could help thansk in advance just a segment (circle) Q

  1. Sep 8, 2006 #1
    A goat is tethered to a post by a rope that is ten meters long. The goat is able to graze over any area that the rope allows it to reach other than that excluded by a straight fence. The perpendicular distance from the post to the fence is 6m. Over wat area can the goat graze- to the nearest meter...ans = 269m^2

    If any1 could help me determine the required angle ....that would be awesome...since the Q is straigforward after that!!! thanks
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    Draw a picture! You should see two right triangles where the hypotenuse is the 10 m rope and one leg is the 6 m perpendicular distance. The angle those make is one right triangle is obviously
    The total angle is twice that.
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    thanks very much.....but it was really stupid wat i was actually doin....i wasn;t including the rest of the circle!!!!i only included the sector wich i was caclulating with the angle u define above....but since the answer i got was wrong iassumed the angle was wrong...cheers anyway!!!
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