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Ground Anchor - Lateral and Uplift Resistances

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    Howdy -

    I'm looking for a way to approximate the anchoring strength of a partially buried concrete caisson (pier). It would be used for anchoring a guy wire coming into it at about 45-degrees from above. Most of it's in the ground, a few inches sticks above where the cable fastens to it. The design goal is to not have it dragged thru the ground like a plow, or plucked up from the earth! :-)

    I'm not after super-precise calculations, but practical rule-of-thumb things to help me design the anchor/pier. I'm fairly certain these things matter:

    * Mass of the concrete caisson
    * Soil type (sandy w/some clay, packs well)
    * Shape & size of the caisson

    I'm not sure how to get started,
    - Steve
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    I think you can find something on this if you do some digging in standard engineering handbooks, etc. This sort of information is definitely known, and there is no point in re-inventing the wheel (or anchor). Check civil and foundation engineering sources for starters.
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