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Group Dissertation (Impact Loading)

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am seeking some guidance in a topic related to my group dissertation subject. The exact title of the dissertation is 'Investigation on the effect of using nano-ceramics on the strength of composite plates subjected to dynamic (impact) load.'. I had initially been bestowed the job of investigating the characteristics of Impact -.-, so far I have identified that an Impact refers to a large force that occurs over a very small period of time (collision). I have also identified & explained some of the different principles that have important use in understanding the behaviour of colliding bodies, these are:

    • Impulse
    • Conservation of Linear Momentum
    • Coefficient of Restitution
    • Inelastic & Elastic Collisions

    What other principles relate to Impact loading?

    I have also been given the task to study the effect an Impact has on materials, & what properties materials require to be able to withstand impact loads. Know here is what I have wrote about so far:

    • Materials are more brittle with impact loads
    • Hertizian contact stress
    • Impact resistance decreases with Young's modulus of elasticity
    • Resilient materials have better impact resistance
    • Ductile materials are more brittle at high velocity loading rates

    What other effects should I be considering?
    What other material properties increase impact resistance?
    How can nano-ceramics be incorporated into composite plates?
    What composite material can be considered?

    Cheers everyone.
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