What is Dissertation: Definition and 41 Discussions

A thesis, or dissertation (abbreviated diss.), is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. In some contexts, the word "thesis" or a cognate is used for part of a bachelor's or master's course, while "dissertation" is normally applied to a doctorate. This is the typical arrangement in American English. In other contexts, such as within most institutions of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, the reverse is true. The term graduate thesis is sometimes used to refer to both master's theses and doctoral dissertations.The required complexity or quality of research of a thesis or dissertation can vary by country, university, or program, and the required minimum study period may thus vary significantly in duration.
The word "dissertation" can at times be used to describe a treatise without relation to obtaining an academic degree. The term "thesis" is also used to refer to the general claim of an essay or similar work.

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  1. ergospherical

    Other What's the point of a thesis?

    I will play devil's advocate to some extent. I'm looking from the outside in and won't have the same insight as some of you PhDs... If a research paper is around 20-30 pages tops, what's the point of spending all that time to write up a 100, 200, 500-page PhD thesis? I get the impression from...
  2. engali

    Calculating Energy Requirements for HRSG in Hydrogen Power Plants

    Hi guys, I’m a final-year student studying mechanical engineering. I’m doing my dissertation on hydrogen power plants. I had a question…. How would I work out the energy needed to run a HRSG in my cycle. I understand this depends on various parameters and needs testing and simulations but...
  3. N

    Sophisticated Experiment (Thermal Conductivity of Housing Materials)

    Hi everyone, I am currently a third year University Student in the UK and I'm in the midst of doing my dissertation. My dissertation topic (Effective methods of decreasing the thermal Conductivity of Housing Materials) requires that I produce several experiments to test and analyse a certain...
  4. G

    Physics of Light/Infrared for Solar Stills Research

    Hi, I am doing my dissertation for Mechanical Engineering on Solar Stills and my mentor has suggested it would be a good idea to research the physics of light/infrared absorption, transmission, water evaporation and condensation. I am wondering if anyone has good book recommendations for me to...
  5. Adoniram

    Testing Preparing to defend my dissertation

    Hi everyone, I'm going up for my defense in a few weeks and just wanted to get some insight from others as to what their experiences were like. I've been to many of my colleague's defense presentations, but there is always a ~60 min private session afterwards. Professors are very reluctant to...
  6. K

    Other How to choose between two labs I like for my dissertation?

    I'm a first year PhD student and the program I'm in requires three laboratory rotations. I have finished those and all three of the PI's explicitly said they want me to join their lab. I would consider joining 2/3 of them. I really like both PI's and the work they do (and the work they would let...
  7. binbagsss

    Studying How hard is it to do original work in a summer dissertation

    ..in a taught masters (UK). My undergrad project was a literature review on general relativity The topic of my project this summer (3 months) will be modified theories of gravity & cosmology. How do you go about doing some original work at this level? - would the first step be to identify a...
  8. D

    MHB Building thesis or dissertation using package\style code.

    The code below is the the main thesis style, know as muthesis.sty; It is a style to allow Title, Signatures, Dedication, Table of Contents, Main Matter (Chapter and Sections), Biblio., and approval letter. Edit it to your liking; just make sure all the files are containted within the same...
  9. K

    A What is the best program for MSEM? Student Request

    My research requires using the multilevel structural equation model (MSEM). I've read countless articles related to MSEM and I have not been able to pinpoint the best program. They vary from SPSS, MPlus, SAS, LISREL, AMOS, R2, etc. Any recommendations? I've asked around my academic circle and...
  10. Pythagorean

    Just submitted my PhD dissertation

    -Defending soon, -Have a part-time job in Intelligence that I go full-time after officially graduating. -Starting to see the end of the tunnel.
  11. Jadaav

    I Final year project/ dissertation ideas

    Hello, I'm currently on a BSc Physics course and I need some ideas for my final year project. I'm mostly thinking about Climate and Astronomy or a mixture of both would suit me more. Regards, Jadaav.
  12. FraserAC

    A What Are Advanced Dissertation Topics in Quantum Computing?

    Hi! I'm going on to the masters year of a theoretical physics course and I need some inspiration for my dissertation. Last year I did a one semester long project on quantum computation. (More specifically I discussed the general idea of a qubit, a simple method of realising a qubit using spin...
  13. R

    A question on adding dates to name et al. in dissertation

    Hi, I really need some advice on this if anyone can help? Below are some excerpts from my dissertation on Sonoluminescence: My question is, is it okay to write the above as they are? Or for example in the first line is a date after the et al. ALWAYS required? Any advice on this would really...
  14. R

    Opinions on the inclusion of internet references in a dissertation

    I am currently writing my final year dissertation and have referenced not only academic papers but some internet sources that I have quoted or taken diagrams from. In particular I have referenced Wiki two times. I am concerned as I feel the inclusion of internet links is somewhat frowned upon...
  15. Vannay

    Doing research for dissertation outside of the home department?

    Looking at different graduate programs to apply to for physics focusing on biological physics. Very different research going on from school to school in the field so most of the criteria I'm basing where I apply is what kind of research is listed. My understanding of the process at your given...
  16. PrincessIceFall

    Need help with thesis. Mechanical Engineering

    Homework Statement So I am currently in my final year working on my thesis. Below is the details of my thesis topic: Metacentric height (Computational) It is a simple matter to determine whether a body will float in a liquid, it is not so easy to determine the orientation at which the body...
  17. PrincessIceFall

    Metacentric height : Mechanical Engineering thesis topic

    Homework Statement So I am currently in my final year working on my thesis. Below is the details of my thesis topic: Metacentric height (Computational) It is a simple matter to determine whether a body will float in a liquid, it is not so easy to determine the orientation at which the body...
  18. PrincessIceFall

    Hi, I am an Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student in Dubai

    So I am currently in my final year working on my thesis. Below is the details of my thesis topic: Metacentric height (Computational) It is a simple matter to determine whether a body will float in a liquid, it is not so easy to determine the orientation at which the body will float or the...
  19. R

    Advice on dissertation writing - should i write my own description for

    Hope this is in the right place, please could someone who is familiar with writing dissertations tell me if I should use my own words underneath the Figures I have included? For example if I have taken a graph from a paper is it ok to take the description below it also, or should I write my own...
  20. R

    What do you do when writing a dissertation and research papers conflic

    conflict? I'm currently starting to write a dissertation for my 3rd year project and wondering if someone could give me some advice? I'm finding published research papers that conflict each other, obviously up until now I have taken them and anything in textbooks as gospel. But now I'm in the...
  21. R

    MHB Dissertation guidance

    Hi everyone. I am doing research about what happens to light energy after it has been absorbed by a leaf but before it has been used in the photosysnthetic reactions. For that I need to use system of 3 nonlinear ordinary differential equations. My dissertation title is : A hybrid numerical...
  22. W

    Dissertation guidance -- Non-linear Diff. Eqs and Photosynthesis

    Hi everyone. I am doing research about what happens to light energy after it has been absorbed by a leaf but before it has been used in the photosysnthetic reactions. For that I need to use system of 3 nonlinear ordinary differential equations. My dissertation title is : A hybrid numerical...
  23. W

    Please help me refine a dissertation topic in mathematical logic

    I'm looking to write a dissertation in the field of logic (for a philosophy degree). I'm deeply interested in logic, but whenever I consider the material beyond my courses it becomes pretty daunting. I'm reasonably familiar with: *First Order Logic *Set Theory and ZFC *Cantor's Diagonal...
  24. B

    Group Dissertation (Impact Loading)

    Hello Everyone, I am seeking some guidance in a topic related to my group dissertation subject. The exact title of the dissertation is 'Investigation on the effect of using nano-ceramics on the strength of composite plates subjected to dynamic (impact) load.'. I had initially been bestowed the...
  25. I

    Masters Dissertation Topic Needed (Metal Additive Manufacturing?)

    Hi, I've recently started a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. I've never taken on a research project before and I've been recommended to look into the area of Metal Additive Manufacturing as it's an area that's quickly developing. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a...
  26. T

    Can Deterministic Chaos Theory Offer Fresh Insights for an IB Physics Essay?

    Hello! I'm in need of some guidance concerning the topic of my essay. I've been tasked with writing an essay on physics as part of my IB Diploma requirements. The IB Diploma is meant to be a 4000 word essay exploring a narrow topic of my choice. I have been extremely interested in...
  27. D

    Engineering Transfer equation of a Voice coil motor for dissertation

    Homework Statement I'm currently creating a PID control system for a Voice coil motor, my issue is obtaining the transfer equation that relates the voltage to the displacement. Ignoring gravity it is easy however once gravity is included I can't figure out how to rearrange it. Homework...
  28. M

    Dissertation help, wind turbine output

    This is a question that i am struggling to find any answer to on the internet. Doing some research for my 4th year honours dissertation. I have a wind turbine capable of producing a certain output at say windspeed of 10mph. Meaning that the wind is moving towards the turbine at 10mph...
  29. V

    Struggling and procrastinating with my dissertation

    Writing a dissertation is indeed a difficult task. As a PhD student, I was expecting my adviser to help but alas ... Should I go ahead and learn by example by reading published PhD dissertations ? I need some advice from you guys who have some ideas or experience. Thank you.
  30. B

    Writing up my control engineering dissertation,

    Hi I am i need of some advice with regards to completing my dissertation. It was based around the idea that i should develop a humidity based control system and integrate it into a temperature control chamber to fully develop an environment chamber. I am basically quite far behind in writing the...
  31. D

    Schools Teaching at a University in Subject Other than PhD Dissertation

    Hello everyone, I love reading the posts on PF. I enjoy hearing the experiences and thoughts from engineers, scientists, hobbyists, etc. who love science. I have a question regarding academia: does anyone know how easy or difficult it is to become a professor in a department outside of...
  32. S

    Suggestions for a physics masters dissertation in geometry.

    Hi, I am currently studying for a one year postgrad MSc in Theoretical Physics. In my undergraduate physics degree, my dissertation was on general relativity, so I got a taste of differential geometry and manifolds which I really enjoyed. At the moment I'm currently attending lectures...
  33. S

    LaTeX Latex code for my dissertation

    I recently deleted my Latex code for my dissertation and now I'm starting from scratch. In my last code I had a line of code at the beginning that does all of my auto fitting for brackets, fractions etc. without having to worry about using \Bigg etc. but I can't seem to remember what it is, I...
  34. G

    Dissertation supervisors - reference quality vs quality of supervision

    I am wondering who to ask to supervise my dissertation (I'm in final year undergraduate mathematics). My interest is functional analysis and there two members of staff involved in this area. X is a professor and he is well respected, Y has been a lecturer here for about four years and is well...
  35. J

    Need some help with my BSc dissertation

    Hey. I'm in my last year doing a degree in Physics, and this semester I have a project which is worth 1/3rd of this semester. I have chosen to do it on Global Positioning Systems. My university hasn't given me much help for my project - they have literally been like "go away and do a project...
  36. K

    Is it possible to start on a Ph.D dissertation early?

    I was wondering if its possible to start on you dissertation in your sophomore or undergraduate years. I want to start on this to plan ahead.
  37. L

    LaTeX Finding a Good LaTeX Template for Dissertation Writing

    Hi, I'm writing a dissertation and would like to do it in Latex, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good template that will work in MikTex for this purpose? It's to be in the style of short report on a topic not a paper (i.e. no abstract, few references), just like an essay I guess...
  38. B

    Finding Green Light Wavelengths for Dissertation

    Hi sorry if this is very basic, I am an animal final year student and have come across a problem for my dissertation. I am looking at wavelength of light. Now the question, is a green bulb purely giving off green light, ie if it more blue green is it giving of predonimantly light of around 500...
  39. G

    News MLK plagiarized his dissertation and cheated on his wife.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther_King,_Jr._authorship_issues So why is MLK allowed to plagiarize and not get his PhD revoked when any other regular PhD would have their head roll if they got caught plagiarizing? Cheated on his wife?-...
  40. S

    How to Choose the Best Computational Physics Project as an Undergrad?

    It's time I started thinking about my final year project (it's next year, and I want to make a really good go of it) The three main streams my department normally offer as project themes are: i) Experimental ii) Computational iii) Scholarly Research Theoretical physics topics tend to...
  41. B

    8000 word dissertation on a physics topic

    I am trying to think of a subject on which to write an 8000 word dissertation on a physics topic of my choice. I was wondering if you had any ideas which i could follow up. It can be contempary physics to historical From Super String Theory to Ether and other interpretations of the...