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Hamiltonian formulation of QCD and nucleon mass

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    there are several papers on QCD in Hamiltonian formulation, especially in Coulomb gauge. Unfortunately the Hamiltonian H is rather formel and highly complex.

    Question: is there a paper discussing the contribution of individual terms of H to the nucleon mass?
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    The question about nucleon masses is rather complicated by itself, especially because it is a non-perturbative problem. I don't know if there is any simple way to related any term in the QCD Hamiltonian to the nucleon mass. I would say that the most relevant terms are the quark-gluon interaction and the gluon-gluon-gluon or gluon-gluon-gluon-gluon interactions. This is because the nucleon (or in general hadron) masses are mainly given by binding energy rather then the actual quark masses.

    However, if you want a more phenomenological way of deriving (with a pretty good accuracy) the mass of the hadrons you can take a look at the "Constituent quark and spin-spin interaction" model. I think that the original reference should be:


    However, there is a pretty good explanation of that in:


    In section II.

    I hope this is useful.
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    Yes, I know.

    What I am looking for us an analysis like


    for the nucleon mass.
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