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Happy Super Fat Tuesday

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    I was talking with a Russian acquaintance yesterday and she said that her friend called her up on Sunday and asked her if it was Super Tuesday. I can only imagine the subsequent conversation:

    Tatya: No, you stupid girl. It is Sunday. How can it be Super Tuesday?
    Nadya: But everything today is super this, super that.
    Tatya: It is Superbowl Sunday.......
    Nadya: What is Superbowl Sunday?
    Tatya: It is ball game.
    Nadya: So when is Super Tuesday?
    Tatya: Tuesday!
    Nadya: But Tuesday is Fat Tuesday......
    Tatya: Yes. It is both Fat and Super Tuesday.
    Nadya: So it is Super Fat Tuesday?
    Tatya: Nyet!
    Nadya: So when is Fat Sunday?
    Tatya: ..........................

    Happy Holiday everyone!
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    Happy Paczki Day!
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    Hmph! You stole my word! We came up with it being Super Fat Tuesday in my gifted class.
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    Gifted class? That reminds me of when my aunt and uncle came to visit from Germany and refused to go into the Gift Shop.

    "Why not", we asked. Of course we couldn't understand. Though mother understood and giggled.

    Gift is "Poison" in the German language.


    Frohliche Uber Dicke Dienstag!
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    Don't really get the picture...anyways, I'll rephrase and say "the class for exceptionally talented students" to really piss off the administration, which is waging war, trying to cut the "class for exceptionally talented students".
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    Ditto. We are not on the same wavelength.

    I want to know where to get some paczki. Boy those sound good right now.:tongue2:
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    I have a Polish bakery that I get mine from. At 1,000 calories each, Fat Tuesday takes on a very realistic meaning.
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    Makes me think that OmCheeto is onto something calling it SUPER Fat Tuesday. :rofl:
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    I can't take all the credit. It was those two Russian girls that got me started.
    Super Sunday, Super Tuesday, Super Size Me on Super Fat Tuesday on a dozen super paczki.

    Ah ha! found a recipe:
    hmmm.... That recipe looks like the basis for everything my mother used to cook. Perhaps she was part Polish.
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    The jigger of rum is always for the cook:approve:
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