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Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Nov 23, 2006 #1
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    I'm sooo hungry!! :biggrin:

    Even the PF turkey has come out to say hi!
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    I SAW THAT!!!!!! :biggrin:

    Thanks for the turkey, it's so cute!!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you're all well stuffed by now! :biggrin:

    The turkey is really cool, Greg!
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    I hope everyone had a wonderful day!
  8. Nov 23, 2006 #7
    Happy Thanksgiving :biggrin:
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    Happy Harvest Festival. I'm so full !!

    What's your Friday AM workout? Mine's a mountain bike ride loop through the local hills..... but will I climb Antenna Hill?....
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Turkey and fixins' were fantastic.
    How about dessert, what's your favorite?
    I like [itex]\pi [/itex] :tongue2:
    (apple and pumpkin especially)
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