Have headphone's sound any impact on human's brain?

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    If a person hear song continuously for 15 hours every day for one year by head-phone then will there be any effect on his/her brain?
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    Certainly there would be.
    Any input has an effect on the brain. That's how you "hear" and "see" things for example.

    What are you really asking here?
  4. Will it have any negative impact on memorizing ability and cognizance of a brain?
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    Well, you'll certainly have memorized the song.
    The rest will depend on what else happens - I mean if that is the only activity for 15 hours a day then I would expect some sort of impairment similar to that experienced by sound-torture subjects.

    Long term? Probably a negative effect to none.

    OTOH: if you are talking about having your tunes playing while you are studying - the effect is highly individual iirc. There has been some research on this - I can have a look I guess.

    ... I don't think this has a scientific definition so I cannot comment.

    Where is this question coming from?
    Have you heard a claim that some sort of music therapy can help you memorize things better?
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    One prediction: he'll probably get physically ill if he hears that song again, if his brain isn't already fried. Wearing headphones 15 hours a day, 365 days probably doesn't do his outer ears any good either.

    This sounds like some kind of torture method. People put into sensory deprivation for extended periods (where no or very little external audio-visual or tactile stimuli is permitted) also have been known to be adversely mentally affected by this experience.
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    We really need more context don't we?

    I've known some teenagers play music over their headphones 8-10hours a day ... but usually at background levels (for them) and they are also carrying on their regular tasks, and it's not just the same song over and over. There are to many variables to be precise about the effects... but there will be an effect.

    Examples - listening to music and learning/memorizing.

    "Mozart effect" in boys with learning disorders.

    More to the point:
    Psychology today reports:
    ... though it's more about deliberately developing cognitive skills.
    What about listening to music? Same magazine:
    citing: Gold, B. P. et al. (2013) Pleasurable music affects reinforcement learning according to the listener. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 4 Article 541. Doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00541
    ... almost the kind of thing suggested, but only short term.

    I would not expect that commercial products and/or any YouTube mixes would do any better than just listening to music you like.

    In terms of torture regimes, it is amazing what subjects remember after 10 days of nothing but Barney I love you ...
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    In the show Homeland, a suspected terrorist was tortured by being made to listen incessantly to the grindcore band Pig Destroyer. I remember thinking "Hey, that's pretty cool, I'd like that!" No accounting for taste. :rofl:
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