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Have i been mislead by b greene? quantum teleportation

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    I'm starting to think I've been misinformed by Brian Greene. Some people have complained about him on this website. I was wondering if someone would watch a two minute segment from this video and tell me how accurate it is. The part in question begins at about minute 40, it's the part where he discusses teleporting himself from New York to Paris.

    I'm still having trouble understanding the limits of quantum teleportation. In another thread someone mentioned that you cannot teleport matter only information. Here's what I think to be true, probably incorrect. I'm just guessing that the only thing you can teleport is the quantum numbers. You have one set of particles in New York and their entangled set in Paris. By changing the quantum numbers in New York, you automatically change the quantum numbers of the particles in Paris. Greene makes it seem that you can transmit a whole human being. I find this very implausible. In order to transmit a human being you would have to know how the atoms stand in relation to another atom in space, just as puzzle pieces are arranged with each other. I'm pretty sure that nothing in quantum entanglement tells us how one atom is related to another atom. All the atoms in our body are not entangled with each other, right? Further, you would have to already have a huge list in Paris of what atoms your body is composed of. QM gives us no help in constructing that list as far as I know.
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    Right. A human is too unordered and has too much contact to the environment to consider it as quantum state in any realistic setup. You could teleport it molecule by molecule, but this would still need some device to study the position of the molecules and another one to rebuild the human at the target.
    That is explained in the video as well.

    They are.
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