What is Quantum teleportation: Definition and 53 Discussions

Quantum teleportation is a technique for transferring quantum information from a sender at one location to a receiver some distance away. While teleportation is commonly portrayed in science fiction as a means to transfer physical objects from one location to the next, quantum teleportation only transfers quantum information. Moreover, the sender may not know the location of the recipient, and does not know which particular quantum state will be transferred.
One of the first scientific articles to investigate quantum teleportation is "Teleporting an Unknown Quantum State via Dual Classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Channels" published by C. H. Bennett, G. Brassard, C. Crépeau, R. Jozsa, A. Peres, and W. K. Wootters in 1993, in which they used dual communication methods to send/receive quantum information. It was experimentally realized in 1997 by two research groups, led by Sandu Popescu and Anton Zeilinger, respectively.Experimental determinations of quantum teleportation have been made in information content - including photons, atoms, electrons, and superconducting circuits - as well as distance with 1,400 km (870 mi) being the longest distance of successful teleportation by the group of Jian-Wei Pan using the Micius satellite for space-based quantum teleportation.
Challenges faced in quantum teleportation include the no-cloning theorem which sets the limitation that creating an exact copy of a quantum state is impossible, the no-deleting theorem that states that quantum information cannot be destroyed, the size of the information teleported, the amount of quantum information the sender or receiver has before teleportation, and noise that the teleportation system has within its circuitry.

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  1. T

    A First Chip-to-Chip Quantum Teleportation

    ...researchers at the University of Bristol's Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QET Labs) demonstrate the quantum teleportation of information between two programmable chip for the first time, which they remark is a cornerstone of quantum communications and quantum computing. Seems they did...
  2. M

    Quantum Teleportation Homework: Deriving EPR Pair & Measuring Spin 1/2 Particles

    Homework Statement This isn't exactly a problem but rather a problem in understanding the derivation of the phenomenon, or more precisely, one step in the derivation. In the following we will consider the EPR pair of two spin ##1/2## particles, where the state can be written as $$ \vert...
  3. Jacques Marrot

    B Quantum teleportation from a Curious 10 year Old

    My brother and I are thinking about the problem that NASA has with sending signals to Mars rovers, and quantum teleportation, is in an instant, therefor we thought you could use that, so we just have a few questions for you. We know this is not possible, since particles can’t teleport for...
  4. Jacques Marrot

    B Quantum Teleportation Question from a Curious 10 year old

    I am doing a GT project for elementary school. The questions I have to ask are not too complicated, and I only have 2 questions. I know that during the teleportation of a particle the scientists are using quantum entanglement, but how do the scientists actually entangle the particles, and how...
  5. T

    I Quantum Teleportation: Exploiting Entanglement & No Cloning Theorem

    Quantum teleportation exploits entanglement but I don't really know how it works. And I heard that the no cloning theorem says that the original state must be destroyed. Wouldn't it violate the principle of conservation of energy mass?
  6. A

    B How does Quantum Teleportation Work?

    I am in high school trying to create a video about Quantum Teleportation. Can someone please verify this is what happens during Quantum Teleportation? 1. An entangled pair of qubits are generated. Qubit A is is sent to one location, Qubit B to another. 2. The qubit to be teleported interacts...
  7. A

    I Question about Quantum teleportation

    Hi there I interested to new topic what is Quantum teleportation and I little bit wathched videos about no cloning theorem.My question is:Are there more importent theorems or equations about Quantum teleportation it would be better If you put with link of lecture about it.Thank you!
  8. Q

    Quantum Teleportation of $n$ Qudits - Ideas?

    Homework Statement Do a quantum teleportation protocol which teleports a state of n qudits given by: \begin{equation}|\psi >_A := \sum_{p \in Z^n_D} \alpha_p |p>, \quad \quad \sum_{p \in Z^n_D} |\alpha_p|^2 = 1, \end{equation} from Alice to Bob. It is supposed that in order to do it...
  9. D

    Is quantum entanglement a form of time travel?

    I can never understand why students of QM speak about "simultaneous measurement" or "collapse of the wave function". We all know that you can pick any relativistic reference frame from which to observe an experiment, so what's "simultaneous" to one observer may not be "simultaneous" to another...
  10. hellsteiger

    What is the accepted interpretation of the quantum nature of matter?

    I'm having difficulty gauging what the accepted interpretation of the quantum nature of matter is. On the one hand I have been taught that properties of a particle are always definite, but due to the quantum nature of existence we cannot measure several properties to 100% accuracy at once. On...
  11. A

    What Comes Next After Secondary Education? A Senior's Dilemma

    I do not know what to write here, so I just going to say hi! I am Aura a senior 2016 and in this point of my life the time has come to make in my opinion "the most decisive" decision of my life.
  12. ryanuser

    Is Quantum Teleportation Possible Through Electron-Positron Annihilation?

    Hi Would it be possible to force an electron and a positron to meat each other and annihilate, then the gamma beam created is to be directed some distance away and passed next to an atom for pair production to occur. ( I dismissed complications related to the vacuums and the magnetic fields)...
  13. Larry Pendarvis

    Is photon-photon annihilation possible in an optical fiber?

    Consider this report: http://www.physics-astronomy.com/2015/01/quantum-teleportation-of-subatomic.html "Then, the researchers shot a third particle of light at the photon traveling down the cable. When the two collided, they obliterated each other. Though both photons vanished, the quantum...
  14. A

    Quantum teleportation in the news

    just read this: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2014/12/09/quantum-teleportation-reaches-farthest-distance-yet/ I'm curious: how does a pair of entangled particle possibly exist no matter how farther they're apart? does this mean they're connected through hyper-space or something like that?
  15. Y

    Quantum Teleportation: Nucleus and Standard Model

    Like the quantum teleportation of atomic and quantum states of atoms through photons,do u think that the nucleus would be teleported on day and would the standard model ever support it?
  16. G

    Quantum Teleportation - Misconceptions and QM fundamentals

    I'd like to go over what Quantum Teleportation is, how it works, and the absolute basic fundamentals of quantum mechanics. This thread may contain some relatively advanced concepts, but this is what I've learned over only a couple months. This only scratches the surface of the tip of the iceberg...
  17. UltrafastPED

    Physics of Quantum Entanglement

    I learned the principles of quantum physics and the basic mathematical techniques quite some time ago. The only discussion of quantum entanglement concerned the EPR paper. There have been many advances in the field since that time, including the somewhat mysterious phenomenon of quantum...
  18. Thinkor

    Article on Hanson quantum teleportation

    It is available for free from this source. If someone can explain what has really been done here in simple English, please do so. Don't just quote popular news sources, which are almost worthless.
  19. A

    Quantum Teleportation Explained: Simple Terms for 13 Y/O

    Hey, i hear about quantum teleportation on the news today. They said that they successfully teleported information. Can someone please explain it to me in a simple way so that a 13 y/o can understand it?
  20. Strilanc

    What are some potential applications of quantum teleportation?

    Quantum teleportation let's you send quantum information over a classical communication channel by using previously-shared bell pairs (you can send 1 qubit by "consuming" 1 bell pair and sending 2 classical bits). I was wondering what sorts of hypothetical applications this would have...
  21. K

    Quantum Teleportation: Confusion on Bell-State Measurement Step

    I have some confusion on the Bell-state measurement step of quantum teleportation, it's following: Let particle B and C be entangled, created by the EPR source, my understanding is, they are created with certain known superposition state, like this |ψBC>=√1/2 (|0A>|1B>+|1A>|0B>) which in...
  22. V

    Quantum teleportation and the density matrix

    I'm re-reading some course notes on quantum teleportation, and something isn't making sense. In the description my instructor gave, we used the Bell state ##|\Phi^+\rangle = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}(|00\rangle + |11\rangle)## for the entangled pair. So, suppose the state we want to teleport is...
  23. I

    Some questions on quantum teleportation

    Hello I just have some questions about quantum teleportation. So generally you see the Alice and Bob explanation for it with the entangled particles a, b and the c which is being teleported. Firstly in regards to entanglement let's say polarization of a photon, some places say both entangled...
  24. G

    Have i been mislead by b greene? quantum teleportation

    I'm starting to think I've been misinformed by Brian Greene. Some people have complained about him on this website. I was wondering if someone would watch a two minute segment from this video and tell me how accurate it is. The part in question begins at about minute 40, it's the part where...
  25. G

    First quantum teleportation of macroscopic objects

    http://www.technologyreview.com/view/507531/first-teleportation-from-one-macroscopic-object-to-another/ Does anyone know how big that ensemble of rubidium atoms is? Let me make sure I understand quantum teleportation correctly, I probably don't. Some scientists entangle two rubidium...
  26. S

    Quantum teleportation question

    Hi everyone. I had a question to ask about quantum teleportation and quantum entanglement. I read that recently, some scientists managed to make an altercation to one quantum particle (a photon, i think) and the same change occurred to the other particle that was 143 km away. but there were...
  27. M

    What does a Bell measurement mean in quantum teleportation?

    Hi, I have a question regarding quantum teleportation. I understand that Alice starts of with a photon A whose state she wants to teleport. Alice and Bob share an entangled pair of photons, B and C. Then Alice does something called a Bell measurement which entangles A and B and the result...
  28. StevieTNZ

    Quantum Teleportation / Beam Splitters

    In regards to this image - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/steviet/image2.jpg: (a) when K is 45 degrees, when K reflects and E1 reflects, or K transmits and E1 transmits - the state of K gets teleported to E2. Photons E1 and E2 are entangled as |HV>-|VH>. Therefore if E2 is 45, then...
  29. B

    Other means of quantum teleportation.

    I've be looking up research on Quantum Teleportation and after reading a discussion about it, it had me wondering. If it might be impossible, in some eyes, to have the information scanned from a human being and then send it to the desired location, would it be possible instead to step away from...
  30. R

    Quantum Teleportation of 3D objects

    Multivese Travel. Is the theory traveling between Multiverses by striping us into electrons then transmiting them through worm holes then reconstructing them on the other side like a fax! Is it possible?
  31. H

    Quantum teleportation of macroscopic objects

    I've started a couple of threads about this topic before, but those were a while ago, and I still have some nagging questions. 1.) If we wanted to quantum teleport something macroscopic, would scanning come into play? I thought that the whole point of QT was that you don't have to scan...
  32. N

    Quantum Teleportation: What Is It?

    OK, so I was intrigued by the name quantum teleportation and wanted to know what it was. So, I study QM and linear algebra for 6 months up to the point where I can understand entaglement very well. Then, I go back to study quantum teleportation with the proper tools. If I understand correctly...
  33. H

    A few more questions about quantum teleportation

    The argument is often made that quantum teleportation is completely unrelated to Star-Trek style teleportation, but isn't the main issue just a matter of scaling? Is there something that fundamentally prevents us from scaling the process up to a macroscopic object, like the Heisenberg...
  34. W

    Is Quantum Teleportation possible without a classical channel?

    (This was first posted to a newsgroup but there were no replies; so I am trying to post it here). I understand quantum teleportation works on qubits, but i can also work on regular bits. Suppose Alice has a message bit S. S is repeatable, because it is a regular bit. Now Alice wants to...
  35. W

    Two Universities in China succeeded in quantum teleportation

    Recently ,it is reported that University of science and technology of China and Tsinghua University together have succeeded in conducting quantum teleportation between the distance of 16km.Are quantum information prospectinve? And how long it will be applied as commonly as the present one ...
  36. H

    Could quantum teleportation be used to teleport humans?

    Scientists have recently been able to use quantum teleportation to transmit the quantum state of one atom to another atom as far as 90 miles away. From a quantum mechanical standpoint, this is the same as sending the atom itself, since two atoms with the same quantum state are indistinguishable...
  37. G

    Quantum teleportation implications

    Now that quantum teleportation of atoms has been achived via quantum entanglement, what are its implications for our world(reality)? Is information the fundamental building block of the universe and not matter? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3811785.stm
  38. S

    Quantum Teleportation of Energy

    As you know a Prof Hotta of Japan has come up with a theory on how there can be quantum teleportation of energy, and not just of information states. What are the greater implications of this? What practical applications might become possible? Could we one day power "nanobots" using the...
  39. W

    Quantum Teleportation Research: Particles & Distances

    Hi everyone I am doing a research project on Quantum Teleportation. Part of the project involves an investigation into:- 1. what are the most massive and complex particles that have been the subject of successful teleportation experiments, and 2. what are the largest distances over...
  40. M

    Is there any way to use quantum teleportation

    is there any way to use quantum teleportation in future process ? which Particles we can use in quantum teleportation and how far we can send it ?
  41. M

    Quantum Teleportation and Fusion

    So it seems real obvious to me at the moment that if quantum teleportation becomes common day, then one huge benefit is fusing two hydrogen nuclei by teleporting them at the same location, or very close to each other. Is this a correct assumption, or is this question completely lacking...
  42. CJames

    Charles Stross and Quantum Teleportation

    I'm reading Singularity Sky and came across something that didn't sound right. Charles Stross is supposed to be known for accuracy in his sci-fi. But in this novel he claims quantum entanglement can be used for instantaneous communication. Here's the claim: "A slower-than-light freighter had...
  43. D

    Quantum Teleportation: Explaining Quantum State, Opposite Phase & Entanglement

    I'm doing a report about quantum teleportation and I am in need of a few terms to be explained to me from an article that I have read about it. Can anyone explain a quantum state to me more thoroughly than any published website? In the article it also says that the laser had an opposite...
  44. S

    Formalisms (in fidelity calculation for quantum teleportation)

    Hi, I am trying to read a paper about quantum teleportation and got stuck with calculating the fidelity of the mixed(noisy) channel. Fidelity F := < \Phi^{(-)}_{12} | \rho_{1} \otimes \rho_{23} | \Phi^{(-)}_{12} > where \rho_{1} = | \phi_{1} > < \phi_{1} | and \rho_{23} = t |...
  45. L

    Quantum Teleportation: Is it the Biggest Rip-Off Since Miss Cleo?

    Hello, this is my very first post on this forum and I think it is very cool. Anyway, I recently learned about how quantum teleportation works, and personally, I think it's the biggest rip off since Miss Cleo. For those of you who do not know how it works, here's how I understand it to work...
  46. maverick280857

    Quantum Computing problem [Quantum Teleportation] (Nelson and Chuang)

    Hello I am reading Nelson and Chuang's book on Quantum Computation. On pages 26-7 they describe quantum teleportation. I am facing essentially a math problem in going from the expression \left|\psi_{2}\right> = \frac{1}{2}\left[\alpha(\left|0\right> + \left|1\right>)(\left|00\right> +...
  47. T

    Quantum Teleportation: Future Human Transportation?

    Will quantum teleportation be the future transportation mode for humans?
  48. N

    How Quantum Teleportation work ?

    I recently read about the quantum teleportation but I don't understand how it work and what theory is is using to explain this phenomenon . Can anyone explain to me what theory it use and how its work ?:smile:
  49. B

    Quantum Teleportation: Project Research & Expertise

    Im doing a projct in a course in QM and I have decided to write about Q-teleportation. Do we have any people here that know nice sites and articles in the subject? Maybe someone is an expert in the field. Any help would be appreciated. I can't find any topics that talks about Q-teleportation...
  50. S

    Quantum Teleportation across the Danube Demonstrated

    so this technology is going to one day be able to transport bigger stuff than a photon. or wtf