Having Trouble Adapting Discrete Mathematics

  1. Ok, so I'm having difficulty adapting to subjects like set theory etc.

    For example this question:

    L.{A,a} = {A, a, b, ab, ba, aba}

    Find L

    Now, I know the answer but it was a battle getting there. It took me 30 mins before giving up and turning on my PC. I got annoyed so much that didn't know the answer I started to type the question in notepad ++ and within 3 mins I got the right answer.

    I just can't seem to adapt to the notion of 'no order'...what the hell :(

    My tests are paper based, any ideas?
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    I don't understadn what you mean with [itex]L.\{a,A\}[/itex]... What is L, what is . ??

    Anyway, discrete math will take some time to get used to. The only way to get used to it is by making lots of exercises. You can't expect being a pro in math immediately, it will take many many years.

    A thing you should do now is:
    1) Asking yourself why it took you so long. Could you have done it faster??
    2) Can you use the style of thinking to solve other problems?? (= can you generalize)
    3) Solve the same problem (or something similar) tomorrow

    Eventually, after a lot of practise, you'll get there!!
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