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Homework Help: Height Ratio of A Coin below the Water

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    A coin is at the bottom of a pool with a depth of [tex]h^l[/tex][m]. The diagram I provided below shows the coin can appear to be in a place shallower than its actual depth.

    Looking perpendicularly onto the water surface ( [tex]i\cong 0, r\cong 0[/tex] ), the coin looked as if it were in a place with depth h[m]. FInd the ratio of [tex]h^l[/tex]/h of the two heights.

    This is the site of the diagram: www.geocities.com/willydavidjr/coin ....

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    Well, where's your solution? Apply Snell's law of refraction--and a bit of trig--and you can solve it. Hint: Consider small angles of incidence and refraction (close to the normal).
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