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Hello..., and how do I change my name?

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    Hello. I'm a returning member who originally popped in for a brief question. I'm back, hopefully for a bit longer. I need help with a couple of things:

    1. Is there a way to change the name I use of the forum here? In my haste to jump through the hoops in originally setting up my account, I just grabbed the first name that came to mind. (I was only going to be here a short time, so I didn't think it mattered.) While I do have an earned degree, it's not in this field and seems to come off as more snooty and/or know-it-all than I meant for it to. Any help?

    2. Can you point me to the kiddie pool of this forum -- and the shallow end of it to boot? I have a long love for science, but my formal physics is limited to a year in HS and a semester in college, so I'm not ready to swim with the big boys. <ha> I am specifically wishing to have someone (gently?) work we through some basic questions, primarily around the bouncing-light-in-the-spaceship (time dilation?) mental experiment. Does the forum have a basics section that I would fit into?

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    Change to what? General Physics for basic questions
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    Thanks for responding Greg.

    How about just DonB?

    I'll check into GP.

    Thanks again.
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