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Hello, I'm new to physics forums

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    I'm a high school engineering physics student , my name is Nathaniel and I'm joining physics forums because I'd love to read about new things(New to me). I plan on having my own businesses in aerospace, architecture, mechanical, and electrical engineering. I want to achieve a PhD in aerospace, Master's In architecture, Master's in mechanical, PhD in physics and master's in electrical engineering. I love to see how things work, its like a fetish. I disassemble a lot of things and put them together. I'm an advanced inventor pro. User. I've done alot in 3 years considering that I am a junior and I know more than the majority of my school. Our engineering building in Downey, CA is ran by none other than himself Glenn Yamasaki. Our building is better than most you may say because of how we are able to learn and experience new things that many people aren't able to learn. Thank you fellow physics peeps
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    Welcome to PF, Nathaniel. :smile:
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    Thanks Borg!!! I'll enjoy it here.
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