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Hello there :D (and happy new year by the way)

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    Well, my title is really basic, I know, but I couldn't find something more original without passing for a idiot... anyway.

    Let's introduce myself then =D
    Huhm hello, my name is not asfj; as you can imagine but I like calling myself like that, don't ask me why, I don't even know. I'm 17 years old girl who likes reading mangas, watching animes and scientific things. I think that the best character ever of all time is Sherlock Holmes and I'm pretty much in love with all the things that talks about crimes and detectives. I am also totally in love with maths, chemistry and biology (don't worry I like physics too but I am not really in love with it... for the moment). I am also a great fan of travelling and discovering other cultures, talking with persons from all over the world and learning as many languages as I can :D
    Also, I'm not living in a country where English is the main language, I'm living in Belgium ! So that's why I can maybe do some grammar or spelling mistakes but, I promise, I will try to do as less mistakes as possible and if you find one, please, correct me, don't kill me.

    So... why am I here ? Good question! =D Actually, I always loved physics but for a certain reason (I think I will explain that later), I have bad grades in this subject and I have to work a lot to have "medium grades". I think that going to a forum like this one could possibly help me to be more good at physics 8D

    Now, let's introduce the reason why I am bad at physics ! My physics teacher is absolutely lame. You might think that I'm just getting really mean but it's not the case at all... Often I have to correct her from giving us false explanations and formulas and we don't do any exercice or example at all; in fact, we just learn the theory and the formulas. As I learned English last year, I discovered some english courses and exercices in the internet but when I have some questions to resolve a problem, I find no one to answer them ( this was the sad part).

    Anyway, I'm going to get some sleep now, bye ! =D

    PS: Happy new year everyone ;D
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks =)
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