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Help Degree selection and pressed for time

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    Help :( Degree selection and pressed for time

    So I just went to see my academic advisor and it turns out my scholarly plan is more screwed up then I thought :( I've been going over it and I really have two options for what I can do for my degree. I would really really like to finish in two years, but IDK what the heck to do... I need your help :(

    Here are the options

    1. Do an Honours Physics Degree

    This was my plan from the getgo, but there were a few hidden courses I didn't realise I had to take. The problem with doing this is that it is HIGHLY unlikely I will be able to finish in two years, because the courseload would simply be too much for me. I also have to take two courses I really don't want to, those being a Biology course and Intermediate Calculus. My courses for the next two years would be:

    This Year
    Classical Mechanics
    Math Physics
    Scientific Computing
    Quantum Mechanics
    Biology (Concepts in Biology, the easy peasy slacker one, but nonetheless I DONT WANNA)

    Next Year
    Honours Thesis
    Quantum Mechanics II (Notoriously the hardest course offered)
    Advanced Physics Lab
    Thermal Physics
    General Relativity (A close runner up for hardest course)

    Both full courseloads, PLUS I would have to do the Intermediate Calculus in the summer...

    2. Do a Computational Physics 4-year Stream
    This is NOT an honours degree, but I can do a thesis so there is a still a possibility of graduate school after. It's more directed towards the fields I am interested in as well. However, I would have to start with Applied Computer Science NOW, none of which I have done yet. I am working in coding this summer so I have a passing understanding of some of the concepts (ie done some C, used PERL, Matlab, Octave, stuff like that.) My courseload would be something like this:

    This Year

    Classical Mechanics
    Quantum Mechanics
    Scientific Computing
    Programming Fundamentals

    Next Year

    Quantum Mechanics II
    Honours Thesis
    Numerical Method (3c.hrs)
    Digital Systems (3c.hrs)
    Intro to Internet Programming (3)
    Advanced Internet Programming (3)
    Unix (3)
    PERL (3)

    And then I need three more credit hours of Computer Science, which I could do a Spring or Summer term (like eCommerce or Software Systems...). I DO NOT need Math Physics (my Linear Algebra and Differential equations takes care of that) or Intermediate Calculus or Bio.

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    Re: Help :( Degree selection and pressed for time

    Your first option contains a lot of physics, but that's what getting a physics degree is all about. I wouldn't let the fact that it might be difficult stop you from getting the degree you want.
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    Re: Help :( Degree selection and pressed for time

    It seems that you are planing to go to Grad school anyway. If that is the case, then what difference does it make if you finish in 2 years or more. I mean you're going to spend around 4/5 years to get a Ph.D, one year delay in undergrad won't do much harm in my opinion.
    I would say go for the first choice. If you want to do something, do it right.
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