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Help, find a statement using a truth table

  1. Sep 11, 2011 #1
    i don't understand how i can find a statement in given truth table.

    p | q | r | S |
    T | T | T | F|
    T |T | F | T |
    T | F | T | T |
    T | F | F | F |
    F | T | T | T |
    F | T | F | F |
    F | F | T | T |
    F | F | F | F |

    please help me.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    I assume you mean "I don't understand how to express the statement S in symbolic form when given the following truth table."

    If you can't make a clever guess for S, you could simply write it as a big "or" statement containing all the cases when it is true:

    [itex] S \equiv (p \land q \land \lnot r) \lor (p \land \lnot q \land r) \lor ...[/itex] etc.

    then try to simplify the symbolic statement.

    Are you studying logic in course on mathematics or are you studying logic in an engineering course in order to design logic circuits?
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