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Help finding Confidence Intervals

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    The problem states: I have 150 quarters. Calculate a confidence interval for the number of coins in my jar. The optimal change is always given. The distribution of coins are discrete uniform.

    I have also found that probability of a quarter=.31, probability of a penny=.42, probability of a nickel=.08, and probability of a dime=.1702.

    Guidlines suggest to say that q=# of quarters as random variable which comes from population of N=total number of coins as parameter. Use a normal approximation to the appropriate distribution.

    Thanks for any help, I'm so stuck
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    I don't understand your problem. You randomly fill a jar with coins (with known probability distribution) until you have 150 quarters in?
    How does this fit to the remaining problem statement?

    Is this homework? Then it belongs to our homework section.
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