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Help identifying a part (if anything like these even exists!)

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    (Please see attached!)

    Hey guys, I'm working on a summer student project and my group is in charge of design. What you see in the bottom part of the picture is carbon fiber leg with a sleeve like mechanism that makes contact with a spring wound around the carbon fiber leg. That sleeve like mechanism has a hinge type part that allows another leg to be attached to it (we're thinking threaded).

    My question, is there anything like that sleeve like mechanism?

    We're thinking something like this, but circular instead of flat:


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    It seems like an easy enough thing to design and build out of some basic components if you can't find an all-in-one off the shelf solution...
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    I'm not really sure about this, and it'll sound weird, but that drawing looks a lot like the runner/stretcher connection in a bumbershoot.
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    Perhaps you may find something useful from the Kee-Klamp www.keesafety.com or CREFORM www.creform.com products. Look also at the various "aluminum extrusion structural components" company products like 80-20 www.8020.net , especially the Bosch stuff. You may have to find a McMaster-Carr or Grainger catalog (or equivalent) and spend a few hours digging around in there to find something useful.
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    It's definitely an item that has been used in design. Where you're going to find one is another question. I know that design is used on the old M60/M240 machine gun tripods to make them collapsible.
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    I keep picturing THIS
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    The pivoting part reminds me of the connector on my pole float for floating concrete! The design would be very simple to make! Get some carbon fiber rod, find an aluminum sleeve to your diameter and make two little tabs with holes drilled in them. Then just tack weld them to your sleeve. Then get more aluminum tube and weld a flat piece of aluminum to the top that is the width of the two tabs and run a bolt through it. The rest would be easy as far as springs and what not.
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    That's just a big, ugly bumbershoot... :tongue:
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    Try Misumi USA.
    I don't think that carbon fiber is the best material for a shaft.
    Keep the "slide" bearing length relatively long to avoid binding. Consider a trunnion style pivot if geometry will allow it.
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