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Homework Help: HELP Impulse Response h(n) problem

  1. Jul 28, 2010 #1
    HELP!! Impulse Response h(n) problem

    Please help me solve this problem. Atleast the correct answer indication is also very much appreciated.

    A system has impulse response h(n) = (1/2)^n-3 U(n-3) and the input is x(n) = 3^n U(n)

    a)Find the output by direct convolution.

    b)Find the output by using z-transforms.

    Thanks for your kindness, time and effort.
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    Re: HELP!! Impulse Response h(n) problem

    Welcome to the PF. You are required to show us your Attempt at a Solution, before we can offer tutorial help. Please post your work so far on these questions.
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