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Help-Midterms [Electricity and Magnitism]

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1
    I've visted these forums many times-some provided to be more than helpful.
    So i got around and decided to make an account and start posting.
    I have a HUGE question, I've been aiming for a 4.0 this semester sadly-one of my courses Physics 102 [General Physics II] is just being not only tough but very depressing.
    I got a 20/50 in my midterm-a 40% ie it's a failing grade.
    It isn't my last midterm-yet I still feel like I'm going to fail this course.
    Which is a nightmare and cannot happen.
    Has anyone finished this course-or very good in it?
    My weakest has always been in anything related in 'electricity'.
    D: I never seem to get over that issue.
    I really need help and I know that there are others who have either been in my situation or can help a tiny bit.
    I'm very close to giving up.
    This midterm is 24% of my grade.
    My quizes are 24%My other midterm is 24%Final is 28%I just feel like I aim and never reach my actual goal.
    Any suggestions-or are any further efforts useles..
    Thank You.
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    Hey zephyrzephyr and welcome to the forums.

    If you have specific directed questions you should post them in the forums. If you have homework questions, then if you follow the guidelines you can post these questions in those forums.

    We have quite a few people here that look at those forums and are willing to help provided you put in your effort at your end.
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