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Help needed for solving 2nd order differential equation

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    can someone help me solve the differential equation that takes the following form?

    y''+Ay'+By+Cy^2=f(x), y is function of x

    Thanks a lot!
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    Move to math forum - diff. eq.
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    thanks, it actually applies to a specific physics problem

    thanks. it actually applies to a specific physics problem.
    i am trying to solve this for a non-linear spring-mass-damper system where the spring stiffness is not constant, but linearly proportional to displacement. thanks!
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    Since the DE is non-linear, a numerical solution would probably be called for.
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    thanks a lot. is there a way to solve it analytically using method of successive approximations?
    i'd imagine the solution could take a form of something like
    y(x) = A1*cos(x)+A2*x^2*cos(2x)+A3*x^3*cos(3x)+...

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    Agreed. You might be lucky and find an analytic solution for particular parameter values and a particular f(x), but a general analytic solution is probably not possible.
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