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Help with mechanical engineering

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    Hey, i'm only young 13.. i want to be a mechanical engineer when i'm older.. when i'm in year 11 what subjects should i choose? like physics, maths etc.

    and at a young age what can i learn a bit now that will help me when i'm older.

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    Engineering is nearly all math. You'll definitely want to pursue a path towards at least basic calculus. Concentrate, too on the sciences, particularly physics and don't forget about English studies: effective engineers must be able to communicate clearly.
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    ok thanks


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    You have that much choice for GCSE?

    Well you have to do maths english and science anyway dont you, do you do dual science or seperate sciences?

    DT Systems and Control (or whatever the equivilant is now)

    Unless you really really hate them take a language. I hated German because I was rubbish at it, but a second language is a mega useful thing to have.
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