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Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, and buildings. The discipline of engineering encompasses a broad range of more specialized fields of engineering, each with a more specific emphasis on particular areas of applied mathematics, applied science, and types of application. See glossary of engineering.
The term engineering is derived from the Latin ingenium, meaning "cleverness" and ingeniare, meaning "to contrive, devise".

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  1. T

    Job Skills Possibilities of a Career in Physics/Engineering

    I live in the SF Bay Area. I graduated in 2019 with a B.S. in Engineering Physics from UC Berkeley. My college experience began with me failing to actually sign up for orientation, and then contracting tonsillitis which lasted my entire first semester. The combination of these two things...
  2. T

    Engineering Physics Major Needing Advice

    Hello, I graduated from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering with a degree in Engineering Physics in 2019. I performed extremely poorly academically, made no friends/connections, and have not been employed since then. I will be posting a more detailed post asking for some advice.
  3. Syandan21

    Is electrical engineering a good major for machine learning/AI jobs?

    Hello, I am looking into electrical engineering because I think it is an awesome major because of the math and physics involved. I am not really into building things though. I love software and computer science-related things, but I do not want to major in CS because it is a very popular major...
  4. C

    ChemE Major

    Hello! I am currently a chemical engineering major. I love all of my class but I am struggling in Physics
  5. U

    Rapidograph, technical drawing

    In the past was enginners/students draw directly with rapidograph or first with mechanical pencil and after that redraw everything with rapidograph? Is rapidograph good for writing or he works only in vertical position? Why rapidograph if we have ozalid machines?
  6. D

    Senior Aerospace Scientist

    Senior Scientist Aerospace engineering concentrating on mechanical and structural engineering analysis for space telescopes
  7. Odin2568

    Hello all

    Hello all I'm new here hopefully I can get some help with some engineering mathematics.
  8. D

    Air-to-fuel ratio of ethanol

    First I have seen a few forums dotted about covering this subject already, however I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I apologise if its somewhere on here already. I am trying to calculate the AFR value for pure ethanol. I am only including oxygen in the category of "air" due to...
  9. L

    What Questions Can You Ask About Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering?

    I've come here to ask any future questions I have regarding physics, mathematics or engineering. Thank you very much.
  10. MrAndrew

    What Is PF and Why Is It Popular Among Mechanical Engineering Enthusiasts?

    Hello everyone, I heard about PF from Reddit. I'm a mechanical engineering enthusiast and looking forward to engaging with everyone here!
  11. Hauzen

    I look forward to your kind cooperation :)

    Hi. I am Hauzen from South Korea. I came here to gain a lot of engineering knowledge from this forum. I want to be a competent engineer with a lot of your help. I look forward to your kind cooperation :)
  12. C

    B Question about units for "area under curve"

    Hello everyone, I am curious, suppose you have a function ##f(x)=x^3## and you to find the area under the curve from 0 to x, the area would be ##\frac {x^4}{4}## but this is units of ##L^4## if x is length, but area is units of ##L^2## so what is going on here? The reason I'm curious is I...
  13. E

    Programs Trying to decide what program to study (physics or engineering)

    I am passionate about physics and math and science, you've heard the story a million times. I don't know whether I should study in physics or engineering. I find the concept of Engineering Physics really cool. I've heard it still gives you the opportunity to go study graduate physics? (Lets...
  14. gmason85

    Is Thermal Paint Really Effective in Heat Transfer?

    Hi all, Mechanical engineer by education; soon to have a MPhil in Architecture. Building Scientist/ Energy Efficiency consultant by trade. I have a decent physics background, but not an expert around the subject of radiative heat transfer. My posts will likely involve confirming bs from...
  15. Z

    I enjoy complex problems in science

    Male in my twenties, enjoying hard problems in engineering, mathematics, and physics.
  16. Gstoettenmayr

    How Can a Multidisciplinary Engineer Advance Fertilizer Production Techniques?

    Hi there, Thank you for welcoming into your community. I completed a five year electrical control engineering college, then studied chemical engineering followed by a PhD in analytical chemistry. Since the last seven years I work in a role that involves chemical engineering and process...
  17. jedishrfu

    Student Recreates the Archimedes Death Ray

    Student Recreates the Archimedes Death Ray https://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/sci/ancient-death-ray-recreated.html
  18. R

    Addressing Source Credibility and Clarifying Guidelines for Engineering

    Just noticed (as a follow up of a recently terminated one) that many topics posted in 'Engineering' actually does not conform with the general rule about respectable sources, causing confusion. Sure, engineering has a way to say 'see? Works.' and it's totally (!) respected in the actual attitude...
  19. R

    New Engineering student here

    Hi, I'm an aerospace engineering student in Turin. This semester, I have an aerodynamics class, and I need some help understanding some of the equations. I also really like physics and enjoy math and I think this forum can help me explore new and interesting topics, especially during times...
  20. T

    New High Power British LASER

    New British LASER is one heck of an anti-aircraft gun! LIGHT-SAVER Britain blows up drones with £140m LASER dubbed ‘DragonFire’ in incredible first – with each shot costing just a tenner The futuristic laser can destroy a target from miles away with pin point accuracy... The highly focused...
  21. hya_t

    Calculating the inlet lengths of a fluid circulating in a pipe?

    TL;DR Summary: why do we need input length in fluid's dynamics What is the purpose of calculating the inlet lengths of a fluid circulating in a pipe? and how to calculate it correctly? why do we need it in engineering? This is for a class project where we are asked to calculate it and I think...
  22. Greg Bernhardt

    Engineering Award

    Please select up to 3 members who were most impactful in the engineering forums in 2023. This is a popular vote. Polls were created by weighing activity and measure of helpfulness. Everyone nominated should feel honored. Many more could be added to this poll, we can never realistically add...
  23. Abdullah A H

    Want to know if there are any particular sites for mechanical engineering for getting recommendable research papers

    where can I get best research papers for my undergrade thesis in Mechanical Engineering?
  24. berkeman

    Unusual Engineering Gadgets: Test Your Intuition and Share Your Pics!

    I saw this on Facebook today, and thought it might be a fun general thread for Engineering to post pics of things that made you stop and think about what they were designed for. I had to click into the FB post to see if my intuition was right on this one. Thoughts on this one? Do you have...
  25. bhobba

    Can Any Country Achieve Net Zero Without Nuclear?

    If you are lucky enough to have copious amounts of hydropower, you may be able to. But aside from that, I can't see how it can be done. In Australia, we have a policy of net zero by 2050, but it is beyond me how you can do it without nuclear. However, Australia has banned nuclear...
  26. N

    Help with final year uni course selection for defense and rocket industry

    TL;DR Summary: Help with final year courses that will help for defense and rocket industry. Hello , what extra courses would be best to help with knowledge in defense/rocket industry as a mechanical engineer in final year. I am going to do thermofluid specilisations for my final year and I am...
  27. Nik_2213

    Non-cryogenic separation of Helium_3 from Helium_4?

    IIRC, He_3 is usually separated from much less rare He_4 by cryogenic cooling of gas mix to 'liquid', at which point the mix divides to two phases, one with each isotope... IIRC, Hydrogen and Deuterium, as gas mix, may be progressively separated at near-ambient conditions by differential...
  28. J

    Make 2 launchers that shoot a straw with clay at the end

    TL;DR Summary: The goal of the project is to make 2 launchers that shoot a straw with clay at the end for weight. Here are the requirements: Performance Requirements Performance requirements (each launcher): Range Distance 1 - projectile must travel exactly 12 feet measured where it first...
  29. Tobi9242

    What is Mechanical Engineering at AAU?

    Hi! Studying Mechanical Engineering at AAU. First semester
  30. B

    Improving Engineering Math Skills: Tips and Resources for Self-Study

    Hi my names Bert I’m 23 and I want to get better at engineering math
  31. Frames123

    Hello, everyone. I hope to continue to grow and learn on here.

    Mechanical Engineering working in the automotive industry with a desire for design and testing mechanical systems.
  32. M

    Engineering Producing Dry Saturated Steam in a Fire Tube Boiler

    Stuck with i & ii can somebody please guide me. none of my coursework material has anything similar in to help me work this one out.
  33. A

    What sparked your interest in astronomy and astrophysics?

    Well hello everyone, my name is Aaliya, I'm a first year engineering student and I have a passion for astronomy and astrophysics!!
  34. U

    Studying What universities for studying Aerospace Engineering in UK?

    I find that Oxford and Cambrige dont have aerospace engineering, only mechanical engineering/pathway aerospace. What do you think about that or is better to study "pure" aerospace? What university do you suggest? Also I checked that subjects are very different at each university.. I checked...
  35. Anisur Rahman

    Question about Source Probability in MCNP

    Here, SP stands for source probability. But probability needs to be normalized. Here values in SP3, SP4 are larger than 1, It means that SP is not ordinary probability here. But what actually SP represent here?
  36. NavPhokela

    What is a Telecommunications Engineer?

    Hi I am Nav, I have studied a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and Physics. I have been working as a telecommunications engineers for the last 8 years. I am also a Physics tutor and need help time to time utilizing this forum. Thanks Hi I am Nav, I have studied a Bachelors Degree in Engineering...
  37. Ali sulieman

    How Can AI Tools Benefit Mechanical Engineering Students?

    I started studying mechanical engineering, where I started thinking about things that might make me a successful and highly competent engineer in the near future. Then I started searching through artificial intelligence tools for useful sites for me as a mechanical engineering student, and your...
  38. Controlling Turbulence and Evolution: How Engineers Overcome Uncertainty

    Controlling Turbulence and Evolution: How Engineers Overcome Uncertainty

    I am glad to see Bill Hammack "The Engineerguy" doing some more videos. This one shows examples of how engineers solve problems _before_ they have scientific certainty: How to control whether or not fluid flow is smooth or turbulent, and selecting enzymes.
  39. R

    Are electric cars over engineered?

    Why are cars so over engineered? A sled sliding down a set of tracks is much simpler than wheels. An aluminum tube with a slider fitted trough an open slit on top could be driven with a ,three phase coil built into the slider, to drive it forward or to stop. Three phase electric current from a...
  40. B

    Redneck Builder: Understanding Engineering Principles Without Formal Education

    I saw it was a responsive group and knew it would be helpful. No money to buy textbooks for formulas and Google is often maddeningly unhelpful or worse, misleading. Thanks in advance for your patience as I have ZERO formal education in the subject of physics and very little in engineering...
  41. J

    Hi - fascinated by theoretical physics with a engineering background

    I am curious about all things physics and would love to explore ideas here with like-minded people.
  42. D

    For fun: How big of a Microscope is needed to see a Planck Length?

    If you had--infinite--resources, material, manpower, energy, but only with current technology, or something that could be learned in a short time, how big of a microscope would it take to see a Planck Length? If there's a current limit, still with infinite resources, how small could you see and...
  43. C

    Programs What subject is better for an aspiring experimental physicist?

    I'm in my last 2 years of high school, and I have to pick a speciality to study before becoming an undergraduate and studying in college. In the future, I'm hoping to become an experimental physicist. My high school offers 3 specialities that are relevant to physics to pick from, all of them...
  44. DeBangis21

    Engineering Cadre: Engineer, Technologist, Technician, Artisan/Craftsman

    The Engineering Cadre: 1. Engineer 2. Technologist 3. Technician 4. Artisan/craftsman. Warm greetings, PF intellectuals. I would like to hear your insights about the ranking. The last have no qualification. What is/are the difference(s) between an engineer and a technologist? And who really...
  45. abdulhayee

    Admissions How to prove Physics competency to grad school admission committees?

    Greetings, This is a slightly longer post but it's coming from someone who's humbly and sincerely passionate+motivated about pursuing Physics and hence I'd be immensely grateful to everyone who can help me clear my confusions and see a ray of light and hope! You'd be doing me a solid :) My...
  46. A

    Sizing an Isolation Transformer for a DC Power Supply

    Good afternoon, How should an upstream isolation transformer be sized for a dc power supply? For example, if we have a power supply with the following specs: Input Voltage: 120 VAC Input Current: 2 Amps Inrush Current: 22 Amps Efficiency: 90% Power Factor: 0.55 Output Voltage: 24 VDC Output...