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Help with solving system of DE's

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    My DE skills are a bit rusty, and I need some help remembering how to handle a system such as:


    I have found the homogeneous solution to be (sorry I don't know how to do matrices here):


    From what I've found online I should guess a particular solution form:


    Where A, B, and C are 2x1 matrices of constants [itex]a_1, a_2, b_1, b_2, c_1, c_2[/itex]

    Is this correct?
    Then rewrite the original in the form:


    Then differentiate the guess and substitute back into the above.

    Assuming this is all correct, what are the next steps in finding the general solution?
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    Assuming that your system can be written as the matrix form [itex]\dot{X}=AX+F(t).[/itex] , e.g. X=[x1 x2]t etc
    Then the general solution for this equation should be (if I'm not mistaken)
    [tex]X(t)=e^{At}C+e^{At}\int_0^t e^{-As}F(s) ds [/tex]

    Your particular solution in this case is then
    [tex]X_p(t)=e^{At}\int_0^t e^{-As}F(s) ds [/tex]
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