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Hen Precedes Egg, Mother Precedes Infant

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    Hen Precedes Egg, Mother Precedes Infant

    While the hen and the mother precedes in time the egg and the infant, the egg and the infant are the means for changing the natures of future hens and future mothers.

    A human impulse such as fear can result in a sadistic act, or altruism, or despair, or hope all depending upon the social environment and the preformed habits of the individual. A wo/man may fear or revere the spirit of ancestors; they may fear or revere authority. “The actual outcome depends upon how the impulse of fear is interwoven with other impulses. This depends in turn on the outlets and inhibitions supplied by the social environment.”

    Whether we are speaking of generation X or Y, or the great or the millennial generation, each generation represents renewal with all of its potential and all of its disappointments. The species is constantly being renewed for good or for bad; all this ‘just happens’ without conscious intention. Everyone is just trying to get along.

    The young new generation makes continuous alteration in the society even though these alterations are unintended, they just kind of follow surreptitiously from accidental happenings. With the dawn of the idea that one can make improvements in society based upon channeling the impulses of the young, new social institutions were born. Education was to become the means for directing the impulses of the young in directions that would slowly modify the present society into more useful modes.

    Such is the meaning of education; “for a truly humane education consists in an intelligent direction of native activities in the light of the possibilities and necessities of the social situation. But for the most part, adults have given training rather than education…The younger generation has hardly even knocked frankly at the door of adult customs, much less been invited in to rectify through better education the brutalities and inequities established in adult habit…Each generation has crept blindly and furtively through such chance gaps as have happened to be left open.”

    Quotes from “Human Nature and Conduct” by John Dewey first printed in 1922
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    The egg actually came before the chicken. Since a chicken resulted from some mutation on some already existing animal, at some point the egg was laid by something which can be classified as non-chicken, and out of the egg came a chicken. Depending where exactly you draw the line between chicken and non-chicken, depends how far back in time you need to go. Wherever you draw this line, the egg still comes before the chicken.
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    Ahh. the egg only came before the chicken one generation(the very first time) everytime after that I'm relatively certain the chicken came first. I see the question of "Which came first the chicken or the egg?" as flawed. Mainly because the chicken came through mutation and natural selection. If the question was "Which came first? The egg-layer? or the egg itself?" Then my first reaction would be "the egg-layer" because it seems almost tooo obvious.

    However let us think for a moment and say..can you define the "egg-layer" as a singular species? If you can..then the egg comes first. If you can't the egg-layer comes first.

    Unless eggs just popped into reality from nothingness....then me posting any of this would be rather pointless.
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    That is exactly right. The egg comes before the chicken, because there is one stage back in the past where the ancestor of the chicken must officially be called a 'chicken'. And that officially named 'chicken' comes from an egg.
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