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Higgs Bosson, manipulate gravity, 4 dimensional space.

  1. Jun 21, 2015 #1
    Higgs bosson as we know is responsible to giving particals mass, mass is responsible for the gravity. So I think higgs bosson can be used to manipulated gravity. If we can made the device that can manipulate gravity using higgs bosson, can we make 4 dimensional space? can we make the real tesseract? Because I think gravity Is responsible for the 4 dimensional space.
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    Have you got a Higgs boson factory?
    If so then we can find out if your proposition is true.
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    No. I'm just a university student that curious about it. :p
    Anybody can help here?
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    The only way to 'manipulate' gravity is by moving mass and energy around. Similarly, the only way we can manipulate electromagnetism is by moving electric charges around. So no, you cannot use the higgs boson to manipulate gravity in any sort of exotic way.

    No. There's no reason to think this. Since we don't discuss personal theories/ideas here at PF, thread locked.
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