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Histocompatability complex protein modification

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    If I'm right, incompatible histocompatability complex proteins can be the things that prevent an organ donor from being able to donate organs to the people that need them.

    It took a week of goading before I could get her to consider it. I think if it were some dead guy she wouldn't have to think about it, instead of me. But I cracked her.

    What are the differences that did not allow me to donate? I (more like her) have been a victim of this inability to donate. I wanted more than anything in the world to donate my liver to her, but her blood type is O-. The devastation on my part wasn't as bad as I thought, because I prepared myself to just accept it if so.

    Now we can only wait for treatments in stem cell research to happen within the next ten years that will allow a liver to be grown, because no other future treatments have been hypothesisized. Or she may find an O- donor.

    How long will it be, if ever, can we have the power to modify the proteins? Even if it is irrelevant to this question, is it like "how long will it be before we can download information to a computer to our brain?" Thank you.
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    My heart does out to you and her.

    This is where research is now; they are beginning to be able to READ what nuclear proteins do to the genes, starting to be sure with this common weed, the "lab rat" for many genetics studies. Say a decade to get to the first, shaky, attempts to use the new knowledge to DO something.
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    I'm glad that my idea was more than plausible in the next hundred years, and that there is something in the making, and that people ahead will rather soon not have to worry. Her projected lifespan is however, about ten years.

    The link doesn't work, according to my browser, you have the wrong target.
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