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Hobbyist engine tuner/automath wanting to design & create...

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    Hi all!

    I was a member here 10+ years ago and tended to lurk in the shadows but not really post much, either feeling I didn't have too much to add and also tending to find the answers to questions I was looking for already - however for some reason I've been pruned and without being a member I cannot actually do forum searches etc. I guess I have to become a little more active to justify my existence :)

    I am a professional software engineer, but my whole life I've been into learning and thinking about things - generally trying to understand how things can or should work and like to think I'm reasonably good at it for someone with no tertiary qualifications... or at the very least put a lot of work into it, as I continuously find myself not understanding anywhere near as much as I'd like to :/ Thus I probably have a relatively basic understanding of physics/maths compared to many in here, but I really want to try my best to grasp things relevant to my mission and understand that may be naive or open a can of worms. Please be gentle :)

    Anyway, since a kid I've been interested in physics and most of my interests have either fed that or relied on that. My biggest hobby has become playing with cars, being interested in them since I was 18 (so ~20 years now) and largely intrigued by how to make the engines run better, so playing with tuning engine management and learning as much as I can about what happens in and around them to keep them happy.

    For a self taught amateur tuner I think I've done ok, haven't tuned numerous friends race cars and doing what was probably one of the first successful aftermarket "flex fuel" (the ability to run the car on any blend of ethanol and have the car seamless adjust to run on it) tunes on a car in New Zealand when there was little information or even ECU support for it back in 2011.

    The mission I'm currently on which has brought me back here again is that I have always chewed on ideas for getting air flowing into an engine and waste gases flowing out of an engine as efficiently as possible. I've got to the point where I actually want to do something about it instead of just dream about it. Where this has gone is me pondering intake manifold designs and trying to address what may be inefficiencies in the current popular designs and see if I can come up with my own which is a bit more effective. I realise that much smarter people than me with better gear have been trying to do this for decades, but the thrill is in the chase and there is always the remote chance of some success which could be rewarding in many ways :)

    So yes, here I am in my long-winded-postiness. I already know there are some very smart people here, hopefully some with similar interests and with as much - or more understanding about these things.
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    Welcome back to PF!
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