What is Automotive: Definition and 112 Discussions

The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. It is one of the world's largest industries by revenue. The automotive industry does not include industries dedicated to the maintenance of automobiles following delivery to the end-user, such as automobile repair shops and motor fuel filling stations.
The word automotive comes from the Greek autos (self), and Latin motivus (of motion), referring to any form of self-powered vehicle. This term, as proposed by Elmer Sperry
(1860-1930), first came into use with reference to automobiles in 1898.

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  1. B

    Automotive Examination of an automotive crash test

    Given { KE=.5M(v^2)} the act of ramming a car into an immovable barrier and the loss in speed from first contact and when the car totally stops, can be described as exponential in nature. Just like that of a Capacitor discharge curve. is that plausible, or for that matter solid accurate?
  2. Y

    Automotive Alignment Theory - DIY Help

    It seems that "most" stock sedans do not have adjustable caster, camber and turning angle, provisions are only provided to adjust toe only. I'm trying to find a way to DIY this at home, if this is possible, and had some questions on the theory behind it. For my car, the stated toe specification...
  3. Y

    Automotive, Holes Subframe etc., Purpose (not for Fastener Access)?

    Hi, In automotive industry, I've seen subframes, lower control arms, upper control arms, cross members etc that have holes in them. Like above. That do not provide access to a stud, nut, that was put in from the other side. Now I understand some of these holes are there for that exact purpose...
  4. Y

    Help Understanding Bushing Lubrication in Automotive Industry

    Hello Friends, So I have seen that polyurethane bushings in the automotive industry are greased every few years or otherwise squeaking will occur. This got me thinking if Rubber bushings in the automotive industry ever need to be greased? I think they are designed to run "dry" and don't need...
  5. M

    Calculate vacuum loss by using principles of physics, not physical testing?

    We (company I am interning for) are meeting with various suppliers in efforts to find a new source of vacuum pumps for our brake boosters. We are looking to make a switch to an electrical pump versus the mechanically-driven pump we used previously. One of the issues we are having with this is...
  6. BigBambu 152-462 MHz

    Automotive chassis ground minus the chassis

    I’ve installed an inverter, 12v to 120vac. The inverter has a post meant for grounding to the vehicle chassis. No chassis or other ground is available in this application for the inverter to recognize. I’ve homebrewed what amounts to half of a large capacitor. There’s just one “plate”, with the...
  7. E

    What tests should I do for lightening an ev chassis

    Hi, I am an engineering student and for my project I have decided to try and improve the range of ev through chassis lightening, the main point I'm focusing on is using a carbon fibre material, so I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of tests I would need to do on Ansys or...
  8. P

    Automotive Vehicle Parking Brake Test on a Slope [How Convert to a Flat Ground test?]

    Vehicle Mass : 3 tonnes Manufacturer's instruction is to test vehicle's parking brake effectiveness is to engage parking brake on 30.96 degrees slope. If it holds, it is effective. I do not have 30.96 degrees slope & I want to replicate the same test on flat ground. I was thinking of...
  9. J

    Electrical Automotive Alternator with External Regulator Light stays on all the time

    My problem started when I took my alternator apart to grease bearings when I put it back to together dash light came on so took it apart seen wire to one of the brushes was broken soldier back together it work for a short while the light was back on seen soldier had broke again so I changed...
  10. vr-marco

    Automotive Tametire tire model by Michelin

    Hi there! Is anyone familiar with the Tametire tire model by Michelin? I understand it is based on the brush model and can take into account thermal and pressure properties of a tire. I was able to find only a very basic article online, but not a full description of how this model is able to...
  11. J

    Calculating motor size for a project, help please

    Hello all, I have a project in which i need to design a small vehicle which is able to carry 4kg for 10 meters. I have took it up to 5kg as the frame and wheels add up too 1kg. So the total weight will be 5kg. Acceleration isn't a priority, but 0.5 m/s I would be fine with. The wheel have...
  12. V

    Discussion about Altering Automotive Electricity Management

    I'd like to start a thread of thoughts and opinions of a topic that I am considering spending time and money on. Unfortunately, I do not have a very broad knowledge of the engineering intricacies of the topic. I'm really curious if there has been a proposal or workings of a vehicle that uses an...
  13. R

    Automotive Automotive MAF sensor vs temperature

    I'm working on a DIY EFI system for automotive use. I have a question about the mass air flow sensor operation. I know they measure the volume of air passing thru them. But the question is whether that measurement needs to be corrected for air temperature or if the MAF sensor does that by...
  14. FarmerTony

    How to modulate the output of automotive injectors?

    Using automotive injectors for a project. I would like to know if the signal to cause injector operation is - 1. PWM 12V, i.e. one off operation 2. Voltage modulation, i.e. the voltage applied controls the output rate. 3. Current modulation 4. Something else. If so what? Tried an automotive...
  15. Jason Louison

    Engine Finite Heat Release Model (With Heat Transfer) Help

    Hello Physics Forum Users! I have an annoying situation with the Finite Heat Release Equation used to simulate combustion and expansion processes in an internal combustion engine. The equation is as follows: Nomenclature: P = Cylinder Pressure (kPa) θ = Crank Angle (Deg) k = Specific Heat...
  16. A

    Auto Timing Belt Tooth Profile

    Have not been here for many years. I am a retired chemical engineer who loves to work on cars but I know my limitations! Subaru uses two timing belt designs on their 2.5 SOHC non turbo engines. The Forester/Impreza platform uses a modified curvilinear belt and the Legacy/Outback platform uses a...
  17. Averagesupernova

    Automotive For those who do their own automotive work

    For those of you who work on their own vehicles, what has been your experience recently with aftermarket replacement parts? To me it seems the quality has gone down the tubes in general. Some of my experiences go back quite a few years (like 20) with solid state ignition modules. They might...
  18. LoganB

    Automotive Engineering advice

    Hello, my name is Logan and I'm looking to go into automotive engineering(in the long run). I'm currently in high school and I am doing the middle college program which will allow me to graduate with a general associates degree. A few of my dads friends told me about an apprenticeship-type...
  19. K

    Electronics designing for 1970s automotive OBD

    Hi to all! I´m Kai from Finland and me and my step dad are working to make an OBD system for 1970´s Chrysler vehicles. The company itself made one during the era and we would like to have same kind of system, only with 2010 equipment. (so no fridge- size computer for my shop) We´ve solved most...
  20. N

    Bosch Automotive Handbook (edition selection query)

    I am planning to buy the "Bosch Automotive Handbook" but confused which one is better 1. Wiley publishers https://www.amazon.com/dp/1119032946/?tag=pfamazon01-20 2. Bentley publishers https://www.amazon.com/dp/0837617324/?tag=pfamazon01-20 both are 9th edition and SAE ((PS: I came here after...
  21. mattyboson12

    Material selection for vehicle leaf spring

    Homework Statement I've gone though a material selection process to pick the optimum material for a rear leaf spring suspension for a vehicle (~700mm long) and I've selected the top 10 materials based on fatigue, fracture, toughness, cost, yield etc: -Stainless steel, martensitic, AISI 440B...
  22. Prasad birari

    Automotive Why automotive alternators are mostly driven by belt drives

    I am trying to list down all possible reasons because of which gear train drive is not preferred for driving alternators in automobiles, can you suggest some?
  23. Quentin_alex

    Engineering Mechanical or Materials for Automotive Research

    Hello, I am wondering if getting a mechanical or materials PhD will grant me more access to industrial automotive research opportunities. I understand the difference between materials and mechanical, but I am wondering if there's greater opportunity in materials research related to automotive...
  24. D

    Break down nitrous oxide by automotive catalytic converter?

    Can nitrous oxide be broken down for use as an oxidizer by passing through a matrix type automotive catalytic converter? If so, will the matrix need to be heated? Also, will the process create enough heat to combust gasoline, ethanol, kerosene, or LPG? I want to fabricate a "stand alone"...
  25. T

    A Automotive project to determine road gradient during braking

    Hello Forum, Does anybody have suggestions as to how we can use IMU's (accelerometers and gyros) to determine the gradient of a road during a braking event. We have wheel speed inputs so can calculate decelerations independently from the IMU. Thank You Tim
  26. Leon666

    3D Static Analysis of a Automotive Suspension

    Hello, my name is Leon and I attend to a Mechanical Engineering College. (I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my first language) I'm trying to calculate the reactions of a Formula SAE car's suspension to the chassis, but I'm getting some strange answers. I hope someone here can...
  27. electrodruid

    What factors affect car braking distance?

    I'm a game programmer trying to write code to simulate a variety of cars braking at different speeds and on surfaces with different coefficients of friction. For now, consider that I'm interested in a fairly wide range of cars (people carriers, hatchbacks, saloons, sports cars etc) but that...
  28. Messy Jesse

    Automotive Radiator Sample Calculations Help

    Hi all, As part of a school project, I'm attempting to demonstrate some sample calculations of a car radiator and I'm a little lost. I'd like to demonstrate some cooling requirements for the peak power output of my car engine: 325 horsepower at 4400 RPM. Can anyone offer any guidance as to...
  29. L

    Beginner's Guide to Automotive Mechanics: Inertia, Energy, & Torque

    hey...this is lokesh. I am really interested in automobiles but the problem is that i am a beginner. I am just not able to apply the concepts of inertia energy and torque on engines. Can you please suggest me any e-books or links which would help me clear my basics? Please reply asap. Desperate...
  30. 4

    How to Reduce Air Drag for Vehicles?

    Hello everyone! I was thinking about how to reduce air drag for a vehicle so that one gets better mileage. Here is the definition of the problem: A moving car faces air drag especially at high speed. The resistance of the air layers would try to slow down the car. In order to maintain the same...
  31. H

    Height adjustable Shock absorber possible?

    Greetings, in my total distraction of designing the ultimate Off-road/Overland vehicle, I've been thinking about the following matter: Is it possible that a vehicle can be raised/lowered by pumping/removing extra oil into the shock absorber? And if so, would it affect the ride? Could it be...
  32. A

    Handbook of automotive powertrain and chassis design

    Dears, I'm looking for a book named: "Handbook of automotive powertrain and chassis design" by John Fenton & coudn't find it , any help please.
  33. Karan Dua

    Calculate Top Speed of Car Using Gear Ratio, Torque, Power & RPM

    Hey guys, I am a bit confused while calculating top speed of the car using gear ratio, Torque, Power and Engine Speed(RPM). Can someone help me out with this? Specifications are given as follows: Maximum Torque : 19.2 N-m @ 3800 RPM Maximum Power : 10 Hp @ 2800 RPM Tire Specifications: 25x8...
  34. J

    Shock from automotive battery

    It is said that with dry hands, you can touch the poles of a car battery and it will not shock you. I understand this is because dry hands have a very high resistance. Now if you have wet hands, or even worse if you have needles stuck into your skin that are attached to the battery posts, this...
  35. E

    Torque Analysis for Electromagnetic Retarder on MAXWELL 3D

    Hello everyone! I have a thesis about electromagnetic retarders. I need to do torque analysis for retarder; but I don't know how to do it on Maxwell 3D. I've tried Eddy Current solition; but analysis results didn't comply to electromagnetic retarder's torque charasteristic. Could anyone help me...
  36. Greg Bernhardt

    Contest for Physics for Gearheads textbook

    We're giving away 3 copies of Physics for Gearheads You have 3 ways to win a copy. At the end of April we're going to : 1. Take the top 5 posters (for April) who are Gold members and pick one randomly. 2. Take the top 5 posters (for April) from the Engineering forums and pick one randomly. 3...
  37. David Morgan

    Can exhaust heat be used to reduce automotive drag?

    I was reading a BBC article about the automotive challenges of building a 300 MPH capable, street-legal vehicle and had a the following thought/question: Could one dissipate enough of the considerable exhaust heat generated by these supercars into the front bumper/air-splitter, so that the air...
  38. C

    Measuring the resistance of a button

    I need to measure the resistance of a button on a car steering wheel, so my question is: how do I measure the resistance of a steering wheel button using a digital multimeter? I don't currently have the steering wheel installed yet, so can I measure the resistance of the buttons without the...
  39. H

    Nanofabrication in the automotive industry?

    Hello all, I am a soon to be PhD graduate with experience making nanoscale size graphene and carbon nanotube devices and studying their properties. I want to continue working with and manipulating tiny things, but want to move closer to something applicable and marketable. I also love cars...
  40. S

    Engines' aggragated technical data for a presentation

    Hi everyone! I am trying to make a presentation concerning up to date internal combustion engines for different applications (light duty/passenger cars, heavy duty, marine/low rpm, aviation etc). I don't need any charts just sheer numbers of power, capacity, weight, engine dimensions...
  41. L

    ESD Standards for Components & Systems: HBM, CDM & Automotive Testing

    Is the ESD standard different for components(ICs) and systems. For Systems the standard I refer is IEC61000-4-2. For ICs, I am not sure. Does HBM and CDM apply to only components or does it apply to systems too? Is the Automotive ESD testing levels different than the industrial ones( 4KV...
  42. P

    Problems in automotive engineering

    hello! can you tell me please what are the current challenges in automotive industry? please be as specific as possible, for example, it won't help to say to make engines more efficient, but it will help to say to find a way to harvest the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases also, elaborating...
  43. P

    Freeware simulation software for automotive engineering

    hello! is there any freeware simulation software for automotive engineering? thanks!
  44. A

    Overall Heat transfer coefficient for a radiator

    Hello all. I need to design a radiator for 43kw heat dissipation. I have used the LMTD method for finding out the contact surface area of the radiator. But I have a small problem. I cannot find the area unless i know the overall heat transfer coefficient. Can somebody please give an estimate of...
  45. T

    Basic Vibration Damping and Isolation

    Hello, I am studying and trying to understand Powertrain / Engine mounts used in automotive such as these: http://images.gasgoo.com/MiMwMDRfMDA0Izc4MDA3NzIwMA--/auto-part-engine-torque-strut-mount-engine-mounting-for-buick-enclave-chevrolet-traverse-gmc-acadia-25840458.jpg...
  46. A

    Automotive Engineering career advice

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on what I should do in order to work in the automotive engineering field. Right now I am a freshman at Coastal Carolina University as an honors student in the Applied Physics major with a focus on engineering. I am on track to...
  47. Z

    Need of automotive knowledge

    Hi! I have recently started working at an automotive company at the body and trim section and I feel like learning everything about the area. I have had trouble finding good study material at the library and with my searches on the internet so therefore I ask you guys for some help. From...
  48. A

    Need some help deciding Final Year Project Ideas welcome

    Hi I'm about to start my 3rd year in my Engineering university and would like some ideas for my Final Year project... We have 2 options. We can either make a model/prototype of something and present it OR we can do a research on a particular field. I'm leaning more towards the research side...
  49. R

    Calc Required Torque & RPM for Automotive App

    Hello I am working on vehicle, for which i need to calculate following things 1. Required torque (Nm) to move vehicle from stationary position? 2. RPM of the engine at the time of torque mentioned in point number 1? Available Input: 1. Vechile Weight(kg) - 4300 2. Engine Displacement - 3455 3...
  50. R

    Birefringence and Automotive Window Tinting

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums (in posting at least!). I recently graduated with a B.S. in Applied Physics, and have viewed topics here on and off throughout my educational experience. I definitely love this forum! I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to buy a new car, and recently...