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Hog Crossing sign needed on new Texas highway

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    Re: "Hog Crossing" sign needed on new Texas highway

    There are 6 million feral hogs in the U.S.

    Here, in this county in the video, they are only paying $2 a tail bounty on them. It'd cost you more than that in bullets, not to mention gas and other expenses. Who'd bother?
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    Re: "Hog Crossing" sign needed on new Texas highway


    In case you want to know more about the wild hog problem.

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    Re: "Hog Crossing" sign needed on new Texas highway

    People who still know what pork is supposed to taste like?
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    Re: "Hog Crossing" sign needed on new Texas highway

    We had/have a big problem with hogs at Fort Stewart. Hogs + night + 30 mile highway to base with no lights = at least one accident per week. Then there was that one time they appeared on the mortar range....
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