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Horific new weapon being used to soften up iran

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    :rofl: Hey, I like the song "Don't Pay the Ferryman"! (I'm a hopeless kid of the '80s.)
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    Some of DeBurgh's songs are my guilty pleasures. Years ago a few of his songs got stuck in my head. I was unable to get them out and eventually they broke me down. I've come to actually appreciate and even enjoy them now from time to time. I chalk it up to Stockhom Syndrome.

    Manah Manah
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    Have them surgically removed, it's worth the pain and lengthy recovery period.
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    Remember to keep the dressing on until it has fully healed, otherwise some Bryan Adams songs can get in.
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    I'm more worried about exposing it to Air Supply. I don't want a clot in my Type O Negative. So Far So Good.
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