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How certain is dog domestication dating?

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    I'm mostly trained as a physicist, so I'm wondering, on a scale from crackpot (1) to imressive (9), where does this hypothesis rank to an anthropologist?


    "I hypothesize that this innovation may have been facilitated by an early attempted domestication of dogs, as indicated by a group of genetically and morphologically distinct large canids which first appear in archaeological sites at about 32 ka B.P. (uncal)."
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    So, what are you trying to propose?

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    It's worth noting that estimating dates from DNA sequences (as the PLoS Genetics paper you are citing does) can often lead to vastly different estimates depending on the exact methods used. From the Nature news piece:

    (emphasis mine)

    Now, a lot of careful work has been done calibrating the human "molecular clock," but it's unclear whether similar careful work has been done on dogs to see, for example, whether mutation rates have changed throughout history in various dog and wolf populations. Work in this area is certainly still evolving and dates estimated from genetic evidence alone should invite skepticism. Such estimates must take into account archaeological, anthropological, and other forms of evidence as well.
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