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How come there are no flying cars yet?

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    This isn't a joke topic but don't we have the technology to make a flying car? What's the technology behind it anyway? What's needed to design a flying car? On another note, I bet my cousin 8 years ago that flying cars wouldn't come into existence as a "standard" in 2010 (we were watching back to the future 2) and i won 10 bucks =)
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    Here are some reasons:

    1. Not safer than a small airplane,
    2. Small airplanes aren't aloud below 1000' over residential area,
    3. Small airplanes aren't aloud below 500' anytime except to tale or land,
    4. Airplanes in controlled airspace are spaced 500' feet apart vertically,
    5. Noise,
    6. Autonomy,
    7. Cost of vehicle,
    8. Cost and trouble of getting the license,
    9. Cost of insurance,
    10, Cost of maintenance,
    11. Not practical,
    12. Still too many drunk drivers,
    13. etc.
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    There are, I've seen one. Although technically, its a "roadable aircraft" and not a "flying car".

    Check it out:
    Its pretty cool.

    On a related note, we've had the technology to make jet packs since the '60s. Why doesn't everyone have one then? Driving a car is easier, safer, and generally more fuel efficient. Current jet pack designs can only lift a person for a couple of minutes or so before it runs out of fuel. And that's with the equivalent of two scuba tanks on your back. How much would be needed to lift a car for a half hour "drive"?
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    The problem with making a flying car, is that you are effectively building a helicopter or VTOL craft. Those are extremely expensive and well out of the price range of the average person. Even a small helicopter designed to transport 4 people or so is many times the price of a car. Not to mention the amount of fuel you would use. All this is in addition to the list that the good Dr. posted above.
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    Does anyone remember that cover article from Popular Mechanics back in the early 1990s that said flying cars would be practical and common now?

    It gave me a good laugh when I read it back then.

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    jack action

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    http://www.moller.com/" [Broken] is probably the most serious attempt to make a flying car.

    For decades, this guy has been developing enough technology to keep funding his dream.
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    No. Moller has developed very little technology himself. He does a good job of borrowing other people's technology and adapting it for use in his flying car, but after fleecing millions of dollars from investors http://www.downside.com/scams/moller/" [Broken] by promising them "it's just around the corner" and "it's on the horizon," still nothing more than a working prototype.

    He had a successful business making mufflers. He's has a lot more success over the years pocketing funds towards a flying car that's never gotten more than 15' off the ground.

    Absolutely! http://www.terrafugia.com/".
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