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How do I minimize my acid reflux?

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    A couple of questions:

    1) How do I minimize it?
    2) Would 5-6 small meals per day be a better digestive option?
    3) Would a vegetarian diet cure acid reflux?
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    jim mcnamara

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    A. see your doctor

    1. Avoid coffee/caffeine, reduce fatty and fried food intake drastically, eat last meal early in the day, do not lay down for several hours after eating, avoid alcohol, lose weight.

    Avoid reclining in a chair after meals - just like laying down.

    Take a medicine that reduces stomach acid production (rantidine, famotidine),
    follow the label instructions.

    B. see your doctor

    2. I do not know, but anything that empties your stomach, reduces acid reflux short term. Smaller meals would leave your stomach somewhat sooner.
    But beware that you never want to eat for several (minimum 3) hours before you lay down, or go to bed.

    C. see your doctor, reflux disease may lead to Burketts disease, and you do not want that. No kidding.

    3. Don't know, but some meat products are on the avoid list - like fatty hamburgers, grease encrusted buffalo wings, fried chicken. Others meats like fish, and very lean meats are on the foods to use list.
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