How do the Mobius and Klein models illuminate string theory?

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I'm a speculative fiction writer and playwright, a retired archirect with a master of architecture degree in theory, and a theater producer, director, and acting improvisor. I'm currently working on a TV series of 169 episodes exploring life in a contemporary parallel universe very much like our own, but in which patriarchy was successfully squelched by womankind over 4000 years ago. I would appteciate anyone's help in making this world credible and realistic.

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jim mcnamara
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Hello and welcome! My suggestion is to create a thread in our Sci-Fi Writers forum:

However, the plot shouldn't be too complicated as there are existing matriarchies on earth to study, plus the fact that our current reproduction technologies don't really need men anymore sooner or later, presumably sooner. I haven't the details in mind and only remember I've read something about it, but it should be possible to find such articles.
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Thanks for finding the correct PF forum and placing me there.

My focus will be on the concept of selecting from an an infinite number of multiverses to tell my story. It will tell of a parallel universe to our own in which humankind over the last 5,000 years or so managed to subdue and ultimately end "Man" kind's attempts to subvert control of the destiny of humans by sheer force of will. So as I say, "Patriarchy" never happened.

How would a qualified quantum physicist view the day-to-day realities of such a world? As commonto our own as it may seem, what sorts of pitfalls am I likely to fall into being merely a quantum physics layman.

Over 4,000 or so years all war has been effectively abolished by the "Anarchic" governing structure under the guidance of women.

And that is to say that no "Matriarchy" has been allowed to establish itself either.

Effectively the planet has been run as a "Theocracy" for at least three millennia under the divine rule of "God"... a female deity whom I call DAMATAR.

So one concern I have is regarding the waste of human potential that war represents. Scientific and technilogicalprogress to mention just twoaspects of civilized advancement, must be as much as a millennia --- perhaps much more --- advanced than our own in such a "War-Free" world.

What does this do to my exploration of a "parallel" universe? Frankly I'm more interested in how our own times would be so muchimproved than a world which has moved at least a millennium beyond the wildest dreams of our own. Fascinating as this might be it is not my purpose.

As a resource let me refer anyone interested in all this to Rene Hirsch's brilliant book MASCULINE CIVILIZATION, which is where I have drawn some key aspects of the inspiration for my story. It is available on Amazon Kindle.


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