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How Do you create a ball n stick model?

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    How Do you create a ball n stick model of dodecylbenzene

    Does the ball n stick model of a molecule match its structural diagram, and how?:confused:this is the structural diagram i'm using for sodium para-dodecylbenzene sulfonate
    http://www.fsj.ualberta.ca/chimie/chem161/1633_03with_files/image024.gif [Broken]

    And this is what my Ball n stick model looks so far, i'm missing the dodecyl part because i'm not sure how it looks like, i tried google but it didn't give me any good images of it. (srry for the low quality pic, its was the only way i could upload it:frown: ) ballnstick.jpg
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    Does ne1 know?:uhh:
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    that's probably not a very good structural diagram, you've got to emphasize the structure of every aspect of the molecule. However, I've got to admit that I'm not quite sure about the exact nature of this assignment.
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    i'm supposed 2 create a Ball n Stick model of sodium para-dodecylbenzene sulfonate, but i'm not sure how dodecyl looks like. I know benzene has a hexagonal shape but i'm not sure how dodecyl would look like.
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    I think its just a long chain alkane attached on the end of you benzene ring there.

    The (CH2)10 repeating alkane occurs 10 times, hence decyl ( a little confusing if you think it can form a dodecahedron, however remember carbon generally only forms 4 covalent bonds and this one has 2 hydrogens already attached and is linked in a chain ).

    .../\/\/\/\... is usually the shape you get, you can look up the specific bond angles if you like, its roughly 2/3Pi i think :yuck: and the hydrogens would poke in and out of the plane at 120deg to the carbons.

    The p- in the chemical name gives you a clue to the how the groups attach to the benzene ring.

    i think that how it looks...
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    ye thx 3trQN thats what i did, i added a long chain that looks like /\/\/\ n i added 2 hydrogens to each carbon but it looks soo odd:grumpy: , has any1 ever seen a ball n stick model that looked like that (see above pic and imagine a chain of carbon with little hydrogens on top of each attached to the benzene ring that looks like /\/\/\/\/\) , if so plz let me know.
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