How do you create the big bang inside metamaterials?

  1. My knowledge in physics is very limited. Could someone please explain what this means in regular English? :uhh:


    Published on Slashdot:

    Here are the abstract and the preprint (PDF).
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  3. Before we had digital computers, there were 'analog' computers. This were based on the concept of finding physical phenomenon that we could measure -- often electrically -- that had corresponding properties that mirrored a problem of interest.

    When properly setup such a system could give immediate answers to problems that would be nearly impossible to solve either by hand or by early digital computers.

    As I understand it, this paper shows that 'metamaterials' can be shown to behave the same way as various space-time models being explored theoretically -- many General Relativity ones and some even more general.

    If this proves out then this would provide an 'experimental' method to help confirm some rather complicated predictions in some purely theoretical concepts. A very interesting idea.
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    This is a mathematical exercise. An experimental proposal would be helpful.
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