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How do you define time ?

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    How do you define "time"?

    Another question, maybe a simple one. How do you define "time"?
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    not a simple question at all.

    there have been many postulated "arrows of time" but one of the more well defined ones is the thermodynamic arrow of time in which entropy increases to a maximum.
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    Any detailed or concrete ideas on scheduling of events/processes?
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    Space/distance and divided by speed
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    Time is not easily defined. This probably belongs in the Philosophy forum.

    In my first class of Physics, our professor asked "so what is time?" to which I reply "A great Pink Floyd song!" (I wouldn't recommend doing that).
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    A fundamental aspect of the fabric of the universe.
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    The fourth dimension of spacetime, the one which is measured by clocks.
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    Time is a measurement of how fast things happen. You'd have to take things that always happen the same, of course, like the decay of atoms... I think that was it.
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