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Homework Help: How do you solve this stoichiometry problem? Is it possible?

  1. Dec 18, 2014 #1
    10.25g of a compound, including chlorine is then diluted. So there is 10.25g in the original compound, which is then diluted. 30mL of that solution is combined with an excess of AgNO3 to create 35.5g of AgCl. What is the mass percent of chlorine in the original compound/sample.

    I got 8.78g for the grams of the 30mL of solution. But I don't know how much it was diluted to. So I got 8.78/10.25→~86%

    I don't understand how to solve this. I asked a teacher and he didn't know either, saying there wasn't enough information.
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    This should land in the homework section.

    But I agree with your teacher - there is not enough information, you need details about the dilution process.
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