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  1. S

    Trying to Understand Ionization

    It will try to produce a neutral atom but it depends on the amount of energy that electron is shot at the atom, if it is great enough energy for ionization it will produce cation, If it is not enough for ionization it will make a neutral atom or anion, I think.
  2. S

    Chemistry Electron Affinity

    I think that an electron adds up in the valance shell of an atom because an atom tends to achieve the nearest noble gas configuration. But I dont understand how and why electron enters the valance shell. Energy is released when an electron adds up in the valance shell. But why is energy...
  3. C

    Programs Double Major in Electrical Engineering and Physics?

    I’m a freshman in undergrad and I currently attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. I major in electrical engineering but I have an extremely strong interest in physics, chemistry, and materials science. UIC doesn’t have a materials science program, but George Crabtree, a highly cited...
  4. H

    I'm confused (Acids/Bases)

    The question says: A solution of highly acidic HA is given, with a molarity of 1M. Is it true that [A-]>[H3O+] or not? I simply don't understand why the hydronium is mentioned and i don't know how to find the molarity of these two individually.
  5. fbeaker

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Fe2+ (Beer's Law)

    I am having troubles with a question I have to do for my chem pre-lab. The question is: The following intercept and slope were obtained for a Beer’s Law plot of Absorbance versus concentration (mg Fe2+/L). Slope = 0.2200 L/mg Fe2+ Intercept = 0.004 Calculate the percent (by mass) of iron in the...
  6. M

    Chemistry Ideal Gas Problem

    Hello guys. I really try to understand the problem, can you please help.
  7. Navin

    Chemistry Compare the Bond lengths of IO2F2 and IOF3

    Okay So our Chemistry Professor gave us the answer as the following IO2F2 has a larger bond length than IOF3 The reason being is once you draw the structures of the compounds IO2F2 has more number of double bonds that the later hence it shall have more p charecter than IOF3...hence it will...
  8. O

    I Efficiency of computers vs. brains

    Hi, I’m an undergraduate student interested in cognitive processes. I’m about to ask a very interdisciplinary question, and so hopefully I can find a physicists that can take on the challenge. What is the fundamental reason behind why modern electronic computers (transistor computers) are...
  9. M

    Chemistry What is the ratio of pH=Pka-1?

    I think it is 1:10 but I am not sure the meaning of PKa -1, can someone explain it please.
  10. TonyKonya

    Specific Heat at High Temperatures

    I am working on some simulations to determine pressures for extremely high-pressure combustion events. The temperatures in these events can range anywhere from 3000 K to 6000 K. In order to do this I need to find valuers for specific heats of gases at these temp ranges as I know they vary to a...
  11. P

    Emission Wavelengths

    Problem Statement: A sample of excited atoms lies 3.031×10^−19 J above the ground state. What is the emission wavelength of these atoms? Relevant Equations: E=hc/λ λ=hc/E I'm stuck on the first part. i.e; something / 3.031x10^-19J
  12. bagasme

    Courses Introductory Chemistry Requirement for Physics Majors: Why is it Mandatory?

    Hello, I looked into lists of subjects/courses for Physics Major, and I surprised that Introductory Chemistry is in the list, as mandatory course. I suspect that Molecule and Solids and Nuclear Physics chapter have to do with chemistry Why is it mandatory to take Introductory Chemistry course...
  13. Fabrizio Vassallo

    I What is the composition of the Earth's exosphere?

    Hello! My name is Fabrizio, I'm a high school student doing some research on the atmosphere. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how much matter escapes into space via Jean's Escape. I've found several formulas, all of which require me to know what the amount of particles per m3 of a certain...
  14. trienebutdiene

    2020 US National Chemistry Olympiad

    Summary: Thread for discussing the USNCO and how to do well on it. More specifically, tips for doing well on the national round and making the study camp are welcome. Anyone with experience with the olympiad is welcome to post, especially previous study camp qualifiers and honors/high honors...
  15. K

    Decomposition reaction for theophylline, hexobarbital natrium

    Hello! There is a problem to write chemical reactions that goes with substances if they are not stored properly. For example theophylline should be saved from light and though I am trying to find its’ reaction with hv(light) but failed. Please help with some good reference Many thanks in advance
  16. nineteen

    How to get the balanced redox equation in this sample problem?

    Summary: Our chemistry teacher gave a sample problem regarding balancing a redox equation. I managed to proceed to a considerable distance, but I can't seem to understand how to get the final balanced equation. Please help me out. The problem is; reaction of K2Cr2O7 with SO2 in the presence of...
  17. N

    Do chemists think differently than physicists?

    Summary: Do chemists think differently than physicists? And should I Change my subject in University... Hey guys, I'm asking myself this question in hoping to find myself in life… some advice and ideas would be really helpful. I'm from Europe and I'm actually studying chemistry. I still Need...
  18. E

    Entalphy Of Formation

    why do we use the entalphy of formation of water at standard conditions to calculate the entalphy of a reaction even if water is not gas at 1bar and 298K
  19. avishay

    How to convert pressure (Bar) to flow rate (L/min)?

    hii, I'm try to calculate the pressure (in bar) needed for a certain flow rate 3 L/min of Argon gas given the following setup: - I have a tank of Argon gas and the line pressure can be between 0 bar to 5 bar. - The gas will flow out to the open air in the end. - My pipe has an internal radius...
  20. M

    Chemistry Molar solubility lab questions

    I’m confused on how to calculate molar solubility because I don’t see what’s the difference between that and Ksp.
  21. C

    Does temperature increase when water is boiling at 100C.....

    Does temperature increase when water is boiling at 100C in a closed system? I am picturing a scenario where I am boiling water in a pot to make pasta. However, I decide to close the pot as the water is still boiling. By doing this I am sealing away the system of study from the environment. Thus...
  22. K

    Gibbs free energy problem

    Calculate deltaG for the reaction: H2O(l) = H2O(g). 100 degrees celsius, water is clean. P(H2O) = 0.1 bar. Given that it is an equilibrium, I'd think that deltaG would be zero. But the answer is in fact negative. How is that possible?
  23. nineteen

    What tutorial for Resonance structures?

    Hello everybody, I am stuck with drawing resonance structures for different types of compounds. Do you know any tutorials or any methods to master drawing resonance structures? If yes, please be kind enough to drop some links and statements below. Thank you very much in advance.
  24. A

    B Can you change the state of matter by increasing the speed?

    We all know that the state of matter can be changed by increasing temperature or by applying pressure. And, all of these, in some way lead to a change in the particles' speed. The speed of the particle decides the state of matter. So, if we were to throw an object at very high speeds, like 50%...
  25. nineteen

    Why do we have to memorize Lewis structures of ....

    Why do we have to memorize the structures of all the nitrogen oxides? Isn't there any way to understand about the Lewis structures of all the nitrogen oxides and their weird ways of making bonds?
  26. nineteen

    Chemistry How can I find the molecular formula in this problem?

    Homework Statement In an organic compound "A" only C,H and O is present. 1.22g of A is completely burned and it gives 0.84g of CO2 and 0.54g of H2O. If the relative molecular mass of "A" is 123. Find the molecular formula of A. [/B] I have showed my attempt at solving this problem, but I think...
  27. nineteen

    Chemistry Finding the Chemical Formula and Relative Molecular Mass

    My chemistry teacher gave me this problem. I tried and tried, but I couldn't figure it out and the deadline is tomorrow. Please help me out here friends. 1. This is the problem : In a compound which is made of element Y, weight percentage of Y is 72% and N( Nitrogen) is 28%. Also, 3 Y atoms...
  28. nineteen

    Why do we study or learn about ideal gases?

    We are learning the lesson about gases/gaseous states at our school and I couldn't help but wonder, why learn about IDEAL GASES...... How do ideal gases help us to analyze about real gases?
  29. T

    Does sodium bicarbonate solution release CO2 when heated?

    Homework Statement Solid sodium bicarbonate decompose when it's heated above 50 celsius. However, when it is dissolved in water interactions of components changes. So what happens when sodium hydrogen carbonate solution is heated? Does it release carbon dioxide when temperature is above 50...