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  1. D

    Chemistry Reference book on catalytic mechanisms of enzymes

    Hi everyone, I'm curious if anyone knows of a reference book on enzymes that discusses each enzyme's catalytic mechanism(s). I've consulted several books that explain the different categories of enzymatic catalysis but I'm looking more for an encyclopedic reference that explains such...
  2. Sophrosyne

    Medical Tensile strength of cell membranes

    The structure of the cell membrane is depicted as being formed from a bilayer of phospholipids with their hydrophilic portions pointing outwards and their hydrophilic portions facing each other. But as I look at the histology of the epithelial layer of the epidermis or mucous membranes, I am...
  3. ayans2495

    Finding the final temperature of a mixture of ice and steam

  4. S

    Chemistry Drawing resonance structure for this O-CH2 ion

    ion shown: My answer: the following is the answer of the question: I identified the major contributor correctly, but the resonance structures, but the second resonance I drew is missing in the answer sheet. Can anyone tell me why the second resonance structure is not part of the answer...
  5. S

    Chemistry Drawing resonance structure for SO42

    I was told that there are six resonance structures for SO42-, as shown below. I am wondering why this structure with single bonds is not one of the possible resonance. I understand that it is unfavorable as the formal charges are spread out over all four atoms, but shouldn't is still be a...
  6. Epsilon Eridani

    Turning oxygen into fluorine in our atmosphere

    Summary:: Hypothetical discussion of a method to turn oxygen into fluorine through the use of another chemical and also discussing the biological effects of fluorine. Hello, I'd like to start this by saying my knowledge of chemistry is extremely basic. I barely graduated chemistry in high...
  7. favphysics

    Chemistry Where can I buy Solutions Manual of Whitten’s Chemistry by Whitten

    Hello everyone! Where can I buy Solutions Manual of Whitten’s Chemistry by Whitten & Davis | 10th edition ? Thank You!
  8. Ygggdrasil

    RIP Mario Molina, Nobel Laureate for work on ozone layer Molina shared the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Paul Crutzen and F Sherwood Rowland "for their work in atmospheric chemistry, particularly concerning the formation...
  9. DrClaude

    2020 Nobel prize in chemistry
  10. dcybroz

    What materials are the most resistant to chemicals?

    Ok so im building a fume hood What materials are the most resistant to chemicals that are also cheap? also what cfm fan can I use to suck out the air? (asking for someone knowlageable) cats
  11. S

    Chemistry Is this the right way to approach solubility problem?

    Is my work and the answer correct? If not, how should I approach this problem? Thank you!
  12. Rzbs

    Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

    I want to know how a lithium ion rechargeable cell works with very basics details. I don't need a simple describtion like most of the websites and videos. I need a resource that explain the chemistry and physics of a Li ion cell from very basics of knowledge. Could you please introduce such a...
  13. ambivalent_chemicist

    Programs Major in Chemistry or Physics?

    As with probably a lot of pure science undergrads, my dream goal is to become a researcher, academia or industry. As far as I know at the moment, I'm interested in the area of research that straddles physics and chemistry, and I'm not sure which one I should major in. Should I major in chemistry...
  14. S

    Trying to Understand Ionization

    It will try to produce a neutral atom but it depends on the amount of energy that electron is shot at the atom, if it is great enough energy for ionization it will produce cation, If it is not enough for ionization it will make a neutral atom or anion, I think.
  15. S

    Chemistry Electron Affinity

    I think that an electron adds up in the valance shell of an atom because an atom tends to achieve the nearest noble gas configuration. But I dont understand how and why electron enters the valance shell. Energy is released when an electron adds up in the valance shell. But why is energy...
  16. C

    Programs Double Major in Electrical Engineering and Physics?

    I’m a freshman in undergrad and I currently attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. I major in electrical engineering but I have an extremely strong interest in physics, chemistry, and materials science. UIC doesn’t have a materials science program, but George Crabtree, a highly cited...
  17. osg99

    Creating A Ligand // Selective Androgen Recepetor Modulator (OSTARINE)

  18. H

    I'm confused (Acids/Bases)

    The question says: A solution of highly acidic HA is given, with a molarity of 1M. Is it true that [A-]>[H3O+] or not? I simply don't understand why the hydronium is mentioned and i don't know how to find the molarity of these two individually.
  19. fbeaker

    Spectrophotometric Determination of Fe2+ (Beer's Law)

    I am having troubles with a question I have to do for my chem pre-lab. The question is: The following intercept and slope were obtained for a Beer’s Law plot of Absorbance versus concentration (mg Fe2+/L). Slope = 0.2200 L/mg Fe2+ Intercept = 0.004 Calculate the percent (by mass) of iron in the...
  20. M

    Chemistry Ideal Gas Problem

    Hello guys. I really try to understand the problem, can you please help.
  21. Navin

    Chemistry Compare the Bond lengths of IO2F2 and IOF3

    Okay So our Chemistry Professor gave us the answer as the following IO2F2 has a larger bond length than IOF3 The reason being is once you draw the structures of the compounds IO2F2 has more number of double bonds that the later hence it shall have more p charecter than IOF3...hence it will...
  22. O

    I Efficiency of computers vs. brains

    Hi, I’m an undergraduate student interested in cognitive processes. I’m about to ask a very interdisciplinary question, and so hopefully I can find a physicists that can take on the challenge. What is the fundamental reason behind why modern electronic computers (transistor computers) are...
  23. M

    Chemistry What is the ratio of pH=Pka-1?

    I think it is 1:10 but I am not sure the meaning of PKa -1, can someone explain it please.
  24. TonyKonya

    Specific Heat at High Temperatures

    I am working on some simulations to determine pressures for extremely high-pressure combustion events. The temperatures in these events can range anywhere from 3000 K to 6000 K. In order to do this I need to find valuers for specific heats of gases at these temp ranges as I know they vary to a...
  25. P

    Emission Wavelengths

    Problem Statement: A sample of excited atoms lies 3.031×10^−19 J above the ground state. What is the emission wavelength of these atoms? Relevant Equations: E=hc/λ λ=hc/E I'm stuck on the first part. i.e; something / 3.031x10^-19J
  26. bagasme

    Courses Introductory Chemistry Requirement for Physics Majors: Why is it Mandatory?

    Hello, I looked into lists of subjects/courses for Physics Major, and I surprised that Introductory Chemistry is in the list, as mandatory course. I suspect that Molecule and Solids and Nuclear Physics chapter have to do with chemistry Why is it mandatory to take Introductory Chemistry course...
  27. Fabrizio Vassallo

    I What is the composition of the Earth's exosphere?

    Hello! My name is Fabrizio, I'm a high school student doing some research on the atmosphere. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how much matter escapes into space via Jean's Escape. I've found several formulas, all of which require me to know what the amount of particles per m3 of a certain...