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How feasible you think Nemesis theory is

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    Hey guys, just wondering really how feasible you think Nemesis theory is?

    For those of you not familiar with it;


    To summarise, it's the theory that we're part of a dual-star system, ("nemesis & the sun), as opposed to the single one we think we have, and due to the 'orbiting'/movement of this red dwarf it may affect the gravitational fields within the inner solar system, meaning more comets etc hit earth, this is due to gravitational affect of this red dwarf 'messing around with' the gravitational effect of Jupiter which usually cleans up all of these comets before they enter the inner solar system.

    Sorry if i've summarised it badly but anyway, my question is that is it an actual theory or just nonsense which could work?

    I think it's a really cool theory, and would be pretty awesome if it's true :P, apart from the fact that a large percentage of species are wiped out when it comes! But anyway, I know it's a red dwarf but wouldn't we have spotted it?

    Sorry for pestering i guess but that wikipedia article isn't very helpful & I couldn't find any good articles on it, surely it'd be quite a big thing? :eek:

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Nemisis

    i thought it was planet nibiru that was gonna kill us all not some nemesis doomsday star :O hahahaha oh my.

    as well many groups monitor any asteriods or comets that may come close to earth i forgot the website to check them out ... but i believe the next time something comes close enough to merit 'observation' is in 2030 something and the chance of impact with earth was liek 0.004% or something.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Re: Nemisis

    There is no direct evidence for Nemesis. It would be difficult for a star so close to evade detection. It would also be difficult for a star in such a wide orbit to have made so many passes without being perturbed by the gravity of nearby stars.

    "Nibiru" is pseudoscience, plain and simple.
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    Re: Nemisis

    My biggest problem with the "Nemesis" theory is the period. It is claimed that it comes around every 26 million years causing mass-extinctions. Well obviously there would've been 2 visits almost 3 since the "Dinosaur killer" with no other mass extinction events of note. What happend? If I have miss or mis-understood some fact please clue me in, I find this confusing.
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    Re: Nemisis

    Some people came up with it in the 1980's. Once they came up with it, then people started looking for the brown dwarf. Haven't found it, and we are at the point where not finding something means that it probably doesn't exist.

    Brown dwarf. With the data available in 1980, it could be there. With more data, almost certainly not.
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