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How is Finite Difference Method?

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    I'm going to take a finite difference linear and non-linear PDE course next semester. I'm wondering how enjoyable the material is, and how difficult it may be. I'm actually looking forward to the fact there may only be one test throughout the semester, if any, and it's a mid-term. The rest of the course are homeworks and projects. When I have a lot of time, I can usually figure things out, so I like projects over tests.

    I've taken finite element method before in solving linear ODE's. So it'd be good if both methods are compared.

    I have also taken a PDE course in which the problem-solving was analytical, rather than numerical. So my anxiousness is derived from the FDM method implementation, and not the PDE's themselves.
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    It seem that Finite Difference Method is quite a popular method for approximating pde solution. Probably it is the easiest method. I haven't learn it before. But I have seen people using the method.

    I think you wouldn't have any problem with the method since you have already learned FEM (I also haven't learn this. All this while have been solving analytically.)

    So enjoy the course and write to this forum if you have any problem! May be I could learn something from it :wink:
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