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How long does it take to get good at matlab?

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    is learning matlab like learning c++ where it takes like a year of programming everyday to get good at or is it a smaller programming language? I just finished learning html at codeacademy.com and it was very easy to learn and I learned it fast, is matlab larger than html? If you used matlab every single day for 40 minutes how long would it take to get proficient at it?

    what I mean by good is proficient, not a master but able to solve common matlab problems.
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    It depends on how much programming you already know. If you already know the basics (conditional expressions, loops, functions, etc.), then you can be proficient in matlab very quickly. If you using matlab to learn programming, then it will take longer as you need to get a good grasp of those basics first.

    The advantage of matlab is that it is interactive. The first things you learn to do give you immediate feedback: you type a command, and get an answer, then type another command, and so on. The threshold before you can do something useful is much lower than C++. Then again, matlab is for numerical computation, and not much else.
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    thank you for the reply.
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    Little or none of your knowledge of HTML will be helpful for learning Matlab. HTML is not a programming language, but rather a markup language for structuring web pages. It does not have programming constructs such as selection (if-statements), iteration (loops), functions or subroutines.

    Javascript and PHP, on the other hand, are indeed programming languages. If you studied either of them along with HTML, that would help a bit with learning Matlab.
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    I took a HS class in c++, I got to some gui programs and ifstream/ofstream and for loops and objects. I would not say I am good at it because it took me many trails get the hw done.
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